2018-19 Girls' Varsity Soccer Season Preview

By: Lynn Boeding, The John Cooper School Athletics
| Published 11/26/2018


THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- This year is going to be very interesting because I consider it a rebuilding year for our program. We have a wide range of skill and talent. It will be important for the girls to be flexible so that we can throw different options at the teams we play. –Coach Amber Clevenger

Athletes To Watch:

Senior Captain Andrea Ordman is such a talented athlete and fun to watch on the field! Andrea brings such a vibrant personality and she has such a solid work ethic that it will be impossible to not feed off of her energy and talent!
Senior Captain Abby Inbusch is a hard-working player that has put a lot of time in during the off season to be at her very best and she will be fun to watch lead this team from the back this year.
Junior Meghan Cloninger is again a player that we will rely on to bring intensity and soccer knowledge. Meghan has a great deal of energy and she embodies exactly what a coach wants out of an upperclassman in leadership and overall effort
Sophomore Sabrina Frusco has a major target on her back because of her overall soccer talent! Every game we play the other team is solely focused on shutting her down so she will have her work cut out for her, but she is fun player to watch due to her talent.
Freshman Tamsin Prudencio is new to John Cooper and I am excited to have young talent like Tamsin in my program because I feel as though she will bring the overall level of play up during practices and games. I expect great things from her this year!

Key Match-Ups:

Houston Christian (2/2/19–away game) has been a thorn in our sides for a few years, which makes them a rivalry and a key match-up for us, as well as St. Andrews (1/26/19 at home); if we can pull off a win against one of those key matchups, I feel good about us getting into the SPC tournament.

Coaching Staff

I am excited about the addition of Rachel Stelter, an alum of The John Cooper School and former NCAA Division I and professional soccer player to the coaching staff! Stelter brings a wealth of playing knowledge to the program as well as an understanding of the “Cooper Way.” Stelter, Meredith (Brown) Arterburn and I will be splitting practice responsibilities and I believe we will be able to better prepare the team!

Season Goals & Challenges:

Success isn’t always about the wins and losses. As a coach, my biggest goal each season is for my players to leave each season better than they started; not only in our soccer skills, but also as growing young adults. It is so important to me that when these young women leave my program, they have learned things that will have made them better as a whole.
Staying healthy is a challenge for any team and it will be key to any success we see this year.

2017-18 Girls’ Soccer Accomplishments:

Season Record 8-7-4

SPC Record 0-4-2

SPC Overall Rank 8th place

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