The Woodlands United Methodist Church Carpool Parenting Podcast

By: Kenda McVeigh
| Published 09/09/2019


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Carpool Parenting Podcasts are a dynamic new form of parent support developed by the leaders of Children's Ministry at The Woodlands United Methodist Church. The idea for the podcasts originated from a desire by Rev. Chris McLain and Julie Crocker, Co-Directors of Children's Ministry, to better equip people for the challenges of parenting. Parents benefit from realizing that they are not alone in tackling tough issues.

The main focus of the podcasts is to bring professionals in from around the area and country to deliver meaningful parenting content in bite-size portions. Each episode lasts only 15 minutes. It's just enough time to touch on a subject while parents are waiting to pick up their children in a car line, get them from practice or even commute to or from work.

Chris and Julie know families are forced to have difficult conversations as their children grow and interface with technology and interact with more of the world. When asked how they decide on specific topics, Julie shares 'We are tackling the tough conversations we are hearing from families in our ministry and in our own home.'

Some of the topics the podcasts address cover technology, parenting with love and logic, dealing with pornography, mental health resources and suicide awareness. A few of the speakers include Charles Fay, author of Love and Logic, Shelly Burkhard from Mosaics of Mercy, and Chaplain Ken Schlenker of Care Force.

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