Kimmie Rhodes and Gary Nicholson at Dosey Doe in The Woodlands

By: Woodlands Online
| Published 01/21/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Singer-songwriters Kimmie Rhodes and Gary Nicholson will share the Dosey Doe stage Jan 26 at 7:30 p.m.

The pair started writing songs together the day after they met and have continued to do so for nearly twenty years. Their long seeded bond is apparent in the way they perform. “Mainly it’s the spirit of two old friends that have gone down the road together for a long time, swapping stories and singing songs,” Rhodes said.

Gary brings a blues direction whereas Kimmie’s sound leans toward folk. The duo meets in the middle for a unique country blend. At the show they’ll perform works of their own, both old and new, as well as songs they co-wrote. Such as the track, Love Me Like a Song, a simple lullaby that’s sweet as a melody.

Both Nicholson and Rhodes agree that communication with the audience is their favorite component of any live performance. To feel the spirit, and to be, “able to elicit an emotional response from someone with songs … to know that they’ll walk away remembering the moment,” Nicholson said.

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