The Woodlands Township Officials Receive Entergy Briefing

By: The Woodlands Township
| Published 08/28/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX - Officials with The Woodlands Township received a briefing from Entergy officials late Thursday evening to discuss the power outages experienced by residents and businesses in The Woodlands on Thursday.

Around midnight, Entergy’s reliability coordinator, MISO, cancelled its order for periodic power outages in the Entergy Texas region. Shortly after this, Entergy Texas returned all customers who were affected by these rotating outages back in service. Through the night, Entergy Texas continued to take steps to improve the integrity of the electric grid.

Entergy experienced significant damage to segments of their transmission lines which ultimately affected all customers including those in The Woodlands.

'We are communicating diligently with Entergy and their restoration efforts,' said Township Chairman Gordy Bunch. 'Entergy has said it does not anticipate any more periodic power outages and we look forward to seeing additional information throughout the day.'

Statement from Entergy Texas:

Restore Critical Transmission Connections

Last night, crews were able to place a high voltage power line back into service, which provides an additional connection to the power grid. This provides another path for power to flow and improves stability into the transmission grid.

Adding Generation to Provide Additional Power
We also have started up units at Sabine Station, our power plant along the Texas/Louisiana state line. While this power plant was in the direct path of Hurricane Laura, it suffered minimal damage and crews were able to complete the start up this morning. This adds a generation to the Texas area that allows us to serve additional load.

Our transmission system suffered significant damage as a result of Hurricane Laura and the transmission grid remains fragile. We are working closely with MISO to ensure the stability of our system. We currently do not anticipate rotating outages to be required; however, we are not at normal reliability levels on our system. We are working to continue restoration efforts.

The Township will continue to provide updates as received. Please sign up to receive notifications at, or follow through the Township’s social media channels.

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