The Woodlands Township Seeking Modified Aquatic Facility Chemical Delivery Bid

By: The Woodlands Township
| Published 10/05/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX - The Woodlands Township is requesting bids for services to provide assorted aquatic facility treatment chemicals for nineteen (19) locations throughout the community that are operated by The Woodlands Township, for a period of 12 months (January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021).

This Bid is being separated into two projects, which may be awarded together or separately:

• C-2020-0264 (Project A) - Liquid Chemical Delivery to Sites (Mini-Bulk)
• C-2020-0265 (Project B) – Dry or Packaged Goods
• Bidders will be able to submit a Bid for either Project A or Project B without being required to Bid on the other Project, but must include delivery pricing for all products within a specific Project in order for a Bid to be considered.

Publication Date/Time:
10/5/2020 7:00 AM

Closing Date/Time:
10/23/2020 1:00 PM

Addendum Date/Time:

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