HS Football: College Park Falls to Cinco Ranch

By: Woodlands Online Sports Staff
| Published 08/28/2021


The Woodlands, TX -- It was a perfect day for the College Park Cavaliers season opener. The rain stayed away and there was no lightning in sight. The Cavaliers came out swinging and struck first with 2 minutes left in the 1st quarter. Both teams were evenly matched but Cinco Ranch showed up and made quick work to tie the game. College Park tried to answer back but every attempt was shut down by the Katy team.

Cinco Ranch brought their offence and slowly drove to the end-zone giving them the lead before the half. College Park isn’t a force to be messed with and gave the cougars a run by moving the ball with force up the field. This first half was a great start to see which players showed up to battle and who didn’t.

As the second half began, both teams looked even once again. Each defense was stopping every play handed to them but the Katy team once again made some huge plays to move the ball farther up the field.

An interception changed the mood of the game as College Park picked off Gavin Rutherford, but it turned back around as College Park fumbled the ball. Cinco Ranch recovered the ball and the game was one sided from there. The Cougars went on the score a couple more touchdowns bringing the final score to 35-14.

“We got beat in all 3 phases, special teams, offence and defense.” Said College Park Cavalier coach Madison. He continued to say, “we gotta evaluate Bryan, who is our next opponent. We will watch video and make corrections, and try to put together a good game plan for next week.”

This is College Parks first loss of the season but it’s a lesson they can learn from. The Cavaliers are a strong team and will bounce back from the loss and be ready for their next game against Bryan.

Bryan High School vs The Woodlands College Park
When: September 3, 2021, at 7:00 pm
Where: Merrill Green Stadium
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