The Woodlands Township achieves highest rankings ever in its Residential Survey

By: The Woodlands Township
| Published 09/01/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- The Woodlands Township received its highest rankings ever in its biennial Resident Survey with several key areas ranking in the 90th percent category.

The 2022 Township Resident Survey findings noted increases in high resident satisfaction in nearly every category since the previous resident survey in 2018, yielding the highest score earned by the Township since its inception in 2010.

Historically, the Township has conducted the resident survey on a biennial basis. Due to the pandemic, the Board of Directors opted to delay the survey from 2020 to 2022. The survey gauges resident feedback on a wide range of Township services, programs and amenities.

“I would like to thank all the staff, executive team, volunteers and Board members for achieving the highest satisfaction ratings in the history of The Woodlands Township,” said Gordy Bunch, Chairman of the Board. “In a span of six years, we have dealt with many natural disasters, a global pandemic, the highest inflation in 50 years, yet the Township delivers the highest quality of services and amenities to our residents and businesses. All of this contributes to the #1 ranking from now two years in a row.”

Questionnaires were mailed to 7,700 randomly selected households on July 1, 2022, by Great Lakes Marketing Research, with data collection closing on Friday, July 29, 2022. The Woodlands Township contracted with Great Lakes Marketing Research (GLM) to perform the survey.

“We conduct studies for villages, townships and cities across the nation to measure satisfaction,” said Lori Dixon of Great Lakes Marketing Research, who has been conducting survey for nearly 45 years. “The satisfaction level among the residents of The Woodlands is very high in comparison, some of the highest, if not the highest our research department has ever seen.”

Residents rated the following services and amenities with a satisfaction level of 96 percent or higher: The Woodlands Fire Department, Solid Waste and Recycling Collection, Parks and

Recreation facilities, emergency medical services, community pools and recreation programs. The report noted that most cities report a satisfaction rate of 85 percent, putting The Woodlands Township significantly higher than comparable communities.

Other highlights include at or above 90 percent satisfaction ratings for crime prevention, pathway and streetscape maintenance and Neighborhood Watch. Residents also gave exceptionally high ratings to the Township for communications and interactions with staff and departments. The Woodlands Community Magazine ranked as the number one source for learning and hearing about activities in neighborhoods and villages, and the Township website and Facebook page ranked as the highest digital and social sources.

View the complete report.

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