Peet Jr. High’s Charlene Bader Receives Outstanding Teaching of Texas History Award

By: Sarah D. Blakelock
| Published 06/06/2024


CONROE, TX -- Charlene Bader, a teacher at Peet Junior High School in Conroe ISD, was selected by Humanities Texas to receive the Linden Heck Howell Outstanding Teaching of Texas History Award.

Each year, one teacher of Texas history is selected to receive this prestigious award that recognizes their exceptional contributions in teaching, curriculum development, and extracurricular programming in the field of Texas History.

“I try to create a high-engagement classroom where students want to connect, not just with me but with each other and with the content, and that's where great learning happens” Bader said.

Bader has gone above and beyond to teach her students. She created her own Texas History Museum in her classroom with the use of donations gifted by the Sons of the Republic of Texas, she has utilized primary source analysis of local Black history embedded in a timeline of significant national events, and she has held classroom seminars with local community leaders.

"I really want students to love social studies because it's so valuable for us to know where we come from, how our government works, the major turning points in our history, and what makes our country special and unique” Bader said.

Conroe Mayor Jody Czajkoski and State District Judge Jennifer Robin each wrote letters of recommendation for the award after visiting Bader’s classroom, and she was also recommended by her co-teacher Coach AJ Lyczkowski.

The award honors Linden Heck Howell, who was an enthusiastic advocate for school teachers and also served on the Humanities Texas board of directors from 1996 until her passing in 1999.

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