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By: HTX Soccer | Published 06/09/2023


The club is very excited to expand staffing with two new strategist positions for 2023-24. These new roles will be responsible for monitoring and supporting the elite program player(s) in achieving their goals and expectations pertaining to their athletic and academic performance. The primary objective is to support the successful transition from club youth / high school level of soccer to the collegiate environment through scholarship education and the college recruitment process (grades 9-12). The club has placed 70+ players into the college arena from the 2023 graduation class and over 360 college commitments since 2017 and these new roles will enable the club to further develop and enhance the program.

Coach Angie Rigsby (Girls Academy) and Coach Roger Bonilla (Boys Academy) will fill these new, exciting positions starting August 1, 2023.  

"College soccer and attaining a degree for our players is part of the HTX DNA," said Simon Boddison, College Center Director.  "Adding more quality staff to the process that we currently provide is a major investment and reinforces that providing college opportunities is an integral part of the club.  As former NCAA Div. I former soccer student-athletes both Coach Angie and Roger fit the criteria for these newly created positions. We're honored and privileged to have two very committed staff members that will now spend more time with our players and help them map out their collegiate journey."

"Increasing resources and staffing into the daily environment to help our players plan their futures in more detail from an academic and athletic perspective will pay huge dividends." said Dave Dengerink, Elite Academy Director.  "We must continue to help our players and families through the recruitment process and provide as much educational support as possible."

"I want to thank the HTX Leadership for entrusting me with such an important piece of the players youth experience," said Angie Rigsby, Girls Academy Strategist.  "I look forward to creating a framework and tangible process for staff, families, and players to use in the recruitment process as well as, becoming an integral daily resource and mentor for each player’s journey from the youth game to the collegiate level."

"I am very much looking forward to getting started in this new role on the boys side of the club and helping our prospective student-athletes." said Roger Bonilla, Boys Academy Strategist.  "Being part of the club as a coach, former player and now having the ability to support within the education side is very exciting and I cannot wait to officially start within the role." 

The fall season will continue to have in-person college presentations for all our HTX campuses.  All the current players (U13-U19) will continue to have a free membership with College Fit Finder which is the club's on-line college center platform.

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