Milstead Automotive: Trusted Auto Repair in Montgomery County

By: Milstead Automotive | Published 04/01/2024


Milstead Automotive is a family-owned and operated, full-service auto repair shop that has been serving the area for over 50 years. They pride themselves on providing high-quality, affordable auto repairs and maintenance services for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, RVs, and more.

Key highlights about Milstead Automotive:

Highly Trained Technicians: The shop employs ASE-certified technicians who stay up-to-date on the latest automotive technology, diagnostics, and repairs. They use advanced diagnostic equipment to quickly and accurately identify and fix any issues with your vehicle.

Affordable Parts and Repairs: Milstead Automotive offers quality auto repairs at a fraction of the cost of dealerships. They use original manufacturer parts or high-quality aftermarket parts to perform necessary repairs.

Full-Service Auto Repair Shop: The shop can handle a wide range of auto services, including mechanical systems, electrical systems, emissions systems, transmissions, suspensions, brakes, A/C, and more. 

They also offer RV repair and maintenance.

Certified Fleet Service & Management: In addition to individual vehicles, Milstead Automotive provides certified fleet services and management for businesses.

Friendly Customer Service: Customers praise the shop's excellent customer service and honest, trustworthy approach. They provide detailed reports on the health of your vehicle after every visit.

Community Involvement: The Milstead family has deep roots in the Conroe community, with the owners actively involved in local organizations and volunteer work.

Overall, Milstead Automotive is a highly recommended auto repair shop, known for its expert technicians, affordable pricing, and commitment to customer satisfaction

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