Cool Car Gadgets and Gizmos

By: Milstead Automotive | Published 09/11/2017


The automotive aftermarket offers thousands of cool gadgets and gizmos to make your summer driving experience safer, more comfortable and way more entertaining. 

1. Dash-cam - It seems like there are cameras everywhere today, and there is no better place to put one than on your dash. If something exciting or dangerous happens while you are driving, the dash cam will catch all the action. You can use this as evidence in case of a crash, traffic stop or a crime, or simply catch an unexpected bit of crazy video and become a social media sensation.  Dash cam kits are generally easy to install, with suction cups that simply mount on the windshield and a USB or 12v power port plug for power.   

2. Electronic Parking Guide - Wire up the Precision Parking Park-Zone system and get audible warnings before you hit an obstacle or another car. Great for parallel parking on jammed up streets.

3.  Smartphone Scan and Telemetry Tool - You used to have to go to a service center or big box parts store to find out why your check engine light is on, but not anymore. A number of companies now offer smartphone apps with special diagnostic port cords which allow you to do everything from error code diagnostics to engine tuning and recording performance numbers for a very reasonable price.

4. In Car Work Station - Products like AutoExec vehicle desks add a portable office to your car with a work surface for your laptop or tablet, a file hanging system and room for writing utensils and office supplies tucked safely away when not in use. A great way to take your business on the road.

5. Back-up Cam - Back-up cameras were once only available in expensive luxury cars and top line models but now you can easily add your own.  Kits easily install on your license plate frame and can transmit the picture to your camera ready aftermarket stereo screen or to a rear-view-mirror mounted screen.  Some models even come with a new rearview mirror with a trick built-in monitor.

6. Travel Cooler - Black & Decker makes a truly cool summer accessory; an electrically refrigerated cooler that doubles as an arm rest and cup holder. Just set it in your car, plug it into a 12-volt plug and you have instant refrigeration for your drinking pleasure.

7. 12-Volt Humidifier - Your air conditioning is constantly drying the air in your car, which can be irritating. Nanum has created a 12-volt powered car humidifier that washes odors, dust, and bacteria from the air while adding comforting humidity. Add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils to fill the air with your aroma of choice.

8. Protective Pet Cover - You love your pet but the hair and other pet related messes they can leave behind are murder on your seats, not to mention possible damage from sharp claws or nails. Add a pet proof seat cover for easy clean-up, upholstery protection and a more comfortable ride for your prized dog or cat.

9. Key Finder - Your misplaced keys are lost no more with Tile Mate's excellent key finder. You simply add a small Tile Mate tile to your key ring (or another easily misplaced item), download the free Tile-Mate app and your keys will tell you exactly where you left them with an audible alarm and a GPS map location.

10. SUV Air Bed - Turn the cargo area of your SUV into a comfortable air bed with the HUAXININ SUV air mattress. This form fitting SUV mattress has a built-in pillow that rests against the back of your front seats and raised bumpers on the side so you won't wake up with a face full of hard plastic. The SUV air bed easily stores away until the next time you need to hit the hay.


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