Summer Foot Care: Keeping Your Feet Happy and Healthy in the Heat


After a long winter, it’s tempting to expose as much skin as possible. However, with sunshine comes some risks, particularly for your feet. Before baring your toes, it’s worth making sure that you take some precautions to protect one of the most delicate parts of your body.

Let’s explore the best ways to take care of your feet this summer so that you can spend your time having fun.


Hygiene Matters: Keeping Feet Clean and Dry

Sweat and dirt can cause problems for your feet, particularly in summer when the temperature rises. Athlete’s feet and other common skin and nail infections love hot, moist environments, so make sure you wash your feet daily and dry them thoroughly, paying particular attention to between your toes.


With an increase in heat comes an increase in foot odor, so as well as washing your feet, if you are wearing socks, make sure they contain a high percentage of natural fibers to help control any moisture that might be present.


Sun Protection for Feet

Just like the rest of your body, the skin on your feet needs to be protected from the sun. Make sure you apply an SPF of at least 30 to help prevent sunburn when you’re outside, and if you’re in the water, apply it more frequently than you think you need.


Sunburn can be painful and lead to long-term health problems, including skin cancer, so it is best to take preventative measures.


Choose Your Footwear Carefully

Comfortable, well-fitting shoes are a must during summertime. A good pair of shoes will help control sweating and prevent blisters. They will also protect your feet from damage when you’re out and about. Make sure you choose shoes made from breathable materials so that excess moisture can be wicked away and not continue to cause you issues.


Having more than one pair of shoes or sandals is also a good idea so your footwear can air out. This helps dry out footwear so that it does not become a breeding ground for athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.


Keep Moving

Many of us have jobs that keep us tied to a desk, which means we are physically inactive. Make sure you’re getting up and taking regular breaks so that you keep the blood flowing to your feet. This helps prevent your feet from becoming stiff or swelling up.


For those who cannot move from their desks, periodically stretching and flexing your feet (as well as wiggling your toes) will have a similar effect.


Regularly Exfoliate and Moisturize Your Feet

Sweating causes your skin to dry out fast, leading to cracked feet and heels and an increased chance of infection.

Therefore, developing a regular exfoliation and moisturizing routine is crucial to help keep your feet in top condition and prevent cracks from appearing.


Importance of Rest and Elevation After Long Days

If your feet tend to swell or you spend large parts of the day standing, there are several things you can do to alleviate any discomfort.


Resting with your feet elevated will help, as will avoiding salty foods, drinking plenty of water, and exercising regularly.


The Importance of Regular Foot Exams

While there is much you can do to keep your feet healthy, sometimes you need to consult an expert. Regular foot exams are particularly important if you have diabetes, as without careful management of your condition, you are at increased risk of foot complications.


If not managed properly, diabetes can lead to neuropathy, a condition where not enough blood reaches the extremities. Unmanaged diabetes damages blood vessels, which in turn causes nerve damage, making it difficult for the patient to recognize when their feet have been injured. Untreated cuts to the foot are prone to infection and can, in extreme cases, lead to amputation of the affected limb.


Schedule Your Visit With Sweeney Foot & Ankle Specialists for Summer-Ready Feet

As the summer unfolds, don’t let foot issues dampen your fun. Prioritize your foot health and give your feet the care they deserve. Whether you need advice on proper footwear, want to schedule a foot exam, or have concerns about foot-related symptoms, Sweeney Foot & Ankle Specialists is here to help.


Visit our website or contact us directly to ensure your feet stay happy and healthy throughout the season and beyond. Let’s make this summer your most comfortable yet!

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