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Posted Mon, Feb 04, 2019
Moving a loved one into an assisted living community is never an easy decision. Above all, you want them to be happy and safe. If you are unsure whether it’s the right time to make the transition, there are signs that can help you determine if t...
Posted Mon, Jan 07, 2019
Dementia is a progressive neurological disease that can impact every aspect of a person’s life. Dementia affects not only the physical body but also the emotional and social aspects, too. There have been recent findings that dementia patients ca...
Posted Thu, Sep 20, 2018
There has been a wealth of recent research that has demonstrated that dementia patients greatly benefit from participating in art therapy.
Posted Thu, Sep 20, 2018
Giving up the car keys is an inevitable transition that happens in all older adult’s lives. As difficult as it might be, there comes a time when a senior’s driving abilities decline and it is usually up to a family member to address this challen...
Posted Tue, Aug 14, 2018
While many might think that eating right and exercise are the keys to aging well, the Journal of International Psychogeriatrics has found that certain personality traits can make a huge impact on your life as you age, too.
Posted Mon, Jul 23, 2018
We all have busy lives, but if you’ve recently moved your loved one into an assisted living home, or memory care cottage, it is even more important to stay connected to them.
Posted Mon, Jul 23, 2018
Nutrition is important in everyone’s life, but especially in seniors.
Posted Tue, May 29, 2018
If you are considering moving your loved one to an assisted living facility, it is good to know all your options.