VOLLEYBALL: Oak Ridge sweeps Westlake 3-0, advances to next round of playoffs

By: Shelby Olive
| Published 11/10/2015


COLLEGE STATION, Texas — The Lady War Eagles tasted sweet victory after they swept Westlake 25-21, 25-23, 25-19 in the Regional Quarterfinals and will compete in the semifinals Friday, November 13.

After a tough 3-2 match against Round Rock the previous week, Head Coach Tommie Sledge said the girls finally understood what she meant when she said their season could be over at any moment, especially this far into the playoffs.

“We started out hard on Friday, and it was a great win that first game,” Sledge said. “This far in the playoffs, never take any point or any set for granted, because you could fall short, and that could be the end of your season.”

Sledge said they took that match and moved forward in practice seeking to prepare for anything that could possibly be thrown their way when they faced Westlake. Anticipating a tough match, the team came in and swept them in three sets.

“I think it shows that we’re building momentum,” Sledge said. “I can tell you it felt like a great day and week of practice to prepare, and they brought out everything that we prepared for. They made adjustments to things we had seen, like the quick three all year, and I felt like our girls just really believed from point one all the way through and showed that they deserved to be here and that they’re good enough.”

Often being perceived as the district underdog, Sledge said her team’s mantra has been to prove everyone wrong about their program. This is something she said has grown not just in one season, but in each year she has served as the head volleyball coach.

“I can honestly say we were good coming in, but we had a lot of work to do—a lot of mental work to do,” Sledge said. “These girls have bettered themselves every single year, and so I am as a coach ecstatic for them to get to see their hard work. I feel so blessed to be their coach, and I love my job. I go to work everyday, and I’m excited. I’m excited to get to work with them, and they have showed not one day of them not wanting anything less.”

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