Conroe Stars Participate in Special Olympics State Winter Games

By: Conroe ISD
| Published 03/05/2018


CONROE, Texas –The Conroe Stars, Conroe ISD’s Special Olympics Team, competed in the Special Olympics State Winter Games held February 1-4 in Austin. The Stars had 26 athletes from across all Conroe ISD high school feeder zones qualify to compete in bowling or powerlifting at the state competition, the most ever for the District.

The results are as follows:


Caney Creek Place

Dylan Cater 4th

Ramiro Garcia II 1st

Gabi Holley 7th

Oscar Rivas 2nd

Brandon Wheeler 4th

Conroe Place

Lauryn Ferguson 1st

Shanice Gardner 7th

Katy Hooten 1st

Conroe 9th Place

Sam McDonald 7th

College Park Place

Kip Joseph 1st

Keaton Glasscock 3rd

Kenneth Fravel 5th

Siobhan Plowery 1st

Oak Ridge Place

Christopher Byrd 3rd

Kailee Chatman 7th

Cadie Darnell 2nd

David Leathers 6th

The Woodlands Place

Virgile Adriaenssens 1st

Jacob Bates 1st

Tommy Faison 4th

Haley Tanguma 2nd


Conroe Event/Place Event/Place Event/Place

Joshua Dupuis Bench/4th Deadlift/2nd Combo/3rd

Oak Ridge

Bianca Perez Bench/2nd Deadlift; 2nd Combo; 2nd

Eduardo (Lalo) Perez Bench/2nd Deadlift; 2nd Combo; 2nd

The Woodlands

Matt Choate Bench; 4th Deadlift; 2nd Combo; 4th

Abigail Walker Bench; Part. Deadlift; 2nd Combo; 2nd

Conroe ISD special education teacher and head of the delegation David Kight stated, “The athletes have worked hard and earned some fantastic awards. We are extremely proud of them all!”

Next up for the Conroe Stars is the annual Kiwanis Invitational that will take place later this month at Oak Ridge High School.

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