War Eagles rout Alief Elsik 60-13 for first win of the season

By: Rebekah Richmond, Woodlands Online Sports
| Published 09/07/2018


THE WOODLANDS, Texas- The Alief Elisk Rams hosted the Oak Ridge War Eagles at LeRoy Crump Stadium. With two teams eager to get a win and put that one on the left side of their record, all was on the line in week two for the War Eagles.

Due to penalties, flags and losses Alief’s early demise on the first series and resulted in a punt to give the ball to the War Eagles. The Oak Ridge coaching staff mixed things up a little this week by sliding veteran defensive player Richmond over from Nose Guard and moving Philip Ossai, up from linebacker both to Defensive End. The defense did their jobs and did not allow Alief to advance past the line of scrimmage. Alief’s first possession of the game ended with a tackle by Max Gonzalez, whos tackle resulted in a fumble by Alief and a recovery by Oak Ridge’s Chris Young.

Quickly followed by that defensive turnover. Running back Harrison Smith drove the ball in the endzone putting the War Eagles on the scoreboard first with 8:28 left in the first quarter, making it 7-0 War Eagles.

In spite of Alief's best efforts with their new quarterback Terrell Johnson, Oak Ridge’s defense seemed to be lights out from the start to finish of the game. Not to be outdone, the Oak Ridge offense went to work, quarterback Blane Romero handed off the ball to Alton McCaskill who ran to the offense all the way to the end zone, adding another seven points to the board.

The Ram’s Marlin Hutchins started a short-lived rally with a 30-yard kick return run, followed by quarterback keeper. Alief's Terrell Johnson, got Alief two first downs on his own by running down the field. The rally ended quickly for Alief with a fumble and recovery by War Eagle Deandre Kindred.

Immediately followed by the turn over a first down by Harrison Smith, commenced to spark to the War Eagle offense and 20-yard run by Rowry Bailey opened up for a touchdown. The successful extra point was the final play of the quarter, leaving Alief scoreless at the end of the first quarter and Oak Ridge with 21 points.

Alief started the second quarter off right with Terrell Johnson throwing a 35-yard pass into the end zone to Jaylen Lavergne and finally getting on the scoreboard (6 – 21). After a few big drives by Adrian Murdaugh, Alton McCaskill, and Evan Berry, the War Eagles called on their big skill players to get the last few yards needed to get the first down, but the Rams defense including DeAngelo Williams stopped them. Once the Rams’ offense took the field, War Eagles Phillip Ossai was hot on their trail and sacked Terrell Johnson Alief quarterback.

Oak Ridge dominated the rest of the first half. Alton McCaskill and Harrison Smith both scored touchdowns after the extra point was successful, Jordan McDavis had two sacks, in the last three minutes of the half the War Eagles were up 37 – 6.

The second half was a continuation of the first half with Oak Ridge scoring two more touchdowns in the third quarter. Alief kept fighting as running back Jaylen Lavergne ran 55 yards, scoring Alief’s final score of the night.

The last quarter, both teams continued to battle with fresh faces on the field, including quarterbacks. Alief’s Noel Mendoza Ruiz and Oak Ridge’s Logan Letney. With a few quarterback keepers, Leney moved the ball downfield and picked up two first downs, taking the team to the four-yard line and scoring with a run by Jack Calhoun. The field goal attempt wasn’t successful, with the ball hitting the goal posts.

The final score of the game 60-13, Oak Ridge War Eagles seemed unstoppable. Starting slowly in their first game of the season, they showed that they could be dominant in the second game, moving their record to 1-1.

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