Shenandoah Police Blotter for March 10 - 16, 2019

By: Shenandoah PD
| Published 03/28/2019


SHENANDOAH, TX -- Police Blotter for March 10-16 City of Shenandoah Police Calls and Activity

Criminal Mischief – 18000 block of IH45 – Attempted burglary of a Ford F-250. The vehicle was damaged only - Report.
Hit and Run Accident – 18000 block of IH45 – Unknown actor hit the victim's vehicle in parking lot and fled the scene - Report.
Duty Upon Striking Unattended Vehicle - 18400 block of IH-45 South - A vehicle was struck in the parking lot - Report.
DWI with Child Felony — 19400 block of IH-45 South - Arrest.
Recovered Stolen Vehicle - 18000 IH-45 South/Highway 242 - Vehicle recovered - Report.
Possession of Marijuana -19000 IH-45 South - Resulted from traffic stop - Arrest.
Burglary of Vehicle – 18300 block of IH45 – Stolen firearm - Report.
Theft – 9200 Pinecroft Drive - Tailgate stolen from truck - Report.
Burglary of Vehicle – 18100 block of IH45 – Cash stolen from vehicle - Report.
Evading Detention –1100 Lake Woodlands – Officers attempted to detain a wanted suspect while in The Woodlands - Suspect fled but was caught - Arrest.
Burglary of Building - 19075 IH-45 South - Cash register taken with unknown amount - Report.

Significant Outside Agency Calls
Burglary of Vehicle - Three vehicles broken into at local bowling establishment.
Burglary of Vehicle - Two vehicles broken into at Market Street area.
Theft of Jewelry - $26,000 necklace stolen at mall.
Numerous Burglary of Motor Vehicle (BMV) and tailgate thefts reported in the City of Conroe and S. Montgomery County. It appears suspects are targeting trucks and stealing handguns. With the increase in gun crimes, we are asking everyone to secure their handguns in order to keep them out of the hands of criminals, PLEASE.

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