CISD Reduces COVID-19 Safety Alert Level to 3 as Active Cases Decline; What this means for Students and Parents

By: Rachel Norton
| Published 10/01/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX — CISD Superintendent, Dr. Curtis Null held a live CISD Update, Sept. 30, on YouTube.

Dr. Null stated that the current COVID-19 Dashboard numbers at the time of filming showed 217 active cases within CISD (186 students plus 31 employees). Roughly, that’s 186 out of 68,000 total students, and 31 out of 10,000 total employees, which equates to about 0.3% total active positive cases within the school district.

On Aug. 27, over 3,000 students were isolated due to COVID. On Sept. 30, that number had dropped to 371. Additionally, according to Dr. Null, fewer employees were isolated as of Sept. 30 than at any point during the school year.

“We’re seeing attendance back in the 94, 95, percent range, which is really close to normal,” Dr. Null noted.

- View current COVID Dashboard numbers here -

On Monday, Oct. 4, CISD plans to reduce its COVID-19 Safety Alert Level to 3. Previously, it was at a level 4. For a look into each individual level, follow this link.

What does this mean for students and parents?

• CISD will begin to have more normal events on campus. They may be structured differently, i.e. a two night event instead of one.
• Visitors will now be allowed in the buildings, meaning parents can eat lunch with their kids. Parents will receive communication from their school’s principle on how that will work - it will be different at every campus due to capacity and space. “We can’t have you all show up on Monday, it just won’t work,” said Dr. Null.
• In regard to homecoming, Dr. Null said, “I think this is the opportunity now for high schools to start having those conversations about getting those scheduled and in having that event.”
• CISD will continue its current cleaning regiment of E-misting all common areas and classrooms every night. If COVID numbers remain low after a couple weeks, the amount of E-misting in the classrooms will begin to reduce.
• Mask use is still recommended and not mandated.

Quotes from Dr. Null:

“For as much as our data is looking great, the county data is still a little concerning. COVID is not over, we all have to understand that. You can be happy and excited and hopeful that we are in a much better place, but at the same time we still need to be aware and intentional about our behaviors.”

“What I will say about the county numbers, is I think our numbers are more timely. When we first began to spike, you didn't see that immediate spike in the county numbers, and I think their information might lag a few days. And that's because they have to compile information from all of the doctors offices and testing centers and all that. They all have to get sent to the county and then the county uploads them and reports them out three times a week. Where [as] our data, our dashboard, is real time, it updates twice daily.”

“I’ve also talked to some of our hospital leaders in the area and they are beginning to see their numbers go down as well. Once again, hospitalizations typically lag a few weeks behind current positivity data, but that’s a positive thing that we are hearing.”

- Watch the Sept. 30 CISD Live Update here -

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