HS Volleyball: College Park Closes Out The Woodlands in District Game

By: Woodlands Online Sports Staff
| Published 10/06/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX –- In the 13-6A division, The Woodlands High School's Lady Highlanders may be ranked higher than the College Park Lady Cavaliers, but not by much. Before last Tuesday's game, the Highlanders have dominated the circuit throughout the 2021 season and continue to stop many power house teams in their tracks. But they themselves were derailed by the Lady Cavaliers, another force moving through the rankings by dominating their opponents.

These two teams met up Tuesday night at The Woodlands High School to see who was the ultimate contender in the district. The Lady Highlanders have relied upon their incredible defense and ability to dig the hardest of spikes from the opponents. Their errors might have previously been few and far between; but, as they faced College Park and the Cavs' intense playing style, they were forced to make error after error throughout the match.

College Park came out with their signature aggressive style to overwhelm the opposing defense. The Woodlands answered back with their well-organized playing layout with equally as aggressive offense. These two teams went point for point on the first set. It was a very evenly matched set with errors from both sides and as well as many kills and digs. The Lady Cavs came out on top in the first set as the student section went wild with each point scored.

The same can be said for the second set. Each team was very evenly matched and it was up to errors and where the ball landed for the most part of the set. The Woodlands seemed to lose a stride as they lost the lead but same went for the Lady Cavaliers the longer each rally lasted, and again it was a long-fought battle for College Park to win the second set.

The Woodlands were yet to win a set although very close each time. The third set went the same as the first two but this time the lady highlanders were able to rally back and made some huge plays that changed the outcome of the third set, finally placing one set on The Woodlands' side of the board.

With that win on the board, The Woodlands came out confident and the communication between the girls was evident as they verbally set up plays throughout the fourth set. Again, the teams were evenly matched, but the Lady Cavaliers were determined to show the higher-ranking Woodlands team how to dominate. This display of high-level performance has proved there is another team more than capable of making a long playoff run.

The College Park Lady Cavaliers brought their A-game to the court and took down The Woodlands Lady Highlanders in four sets, making the final score 3-1. (25-22, 25-22, 18-25, 25-22).

The Woodlands travels to Willis High School for the next match
Game Starts Friday at 5:30 pm

College Park travels to Grand Oaks High School for their next match
Game Starts Friday at 5:30 pm

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