HS Football: The Woodlands Win Second District Game

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 10/16/2021


THE WOODLANDS –- Friday Night Lights in the Woodlands at Woodforest Stadium was this week. The Oak Ridge War Eagles hosted The Woodlands Highlanders in a 13-6A district game. The same night as the ALCS game one series with the Astros and the Red Socks.

Despite the distraction football went on as normal and The Woodlands took advantage of the situation and scored quick against the Oak Ridge. Soon after the War Eagles answered with a field goal making it 7 and 3. Surprisingly Oak Ridge was keeping up in the beginning even though The Woodlands was the favorite to win. It was closer than expected by the end of the first half as the War Eagles were making the Highlanders work to advance the ball.

“They got their quarterback [Steve Smedley] back. I think this is his second game back; he is a difference maker for them offensively,” said Coach Rapp of the Woodlands Highlanders about the Oak Ridge quarterback.

The district games are played after some brutal non-district games in which some of the starting players are banged up if not injured. It is not uncommon to have players out at the beginning of the “regular” season and have them come back a game or 2 in. This was the case for Oak Ridge as they had many players on the injured list but are returning this week and next.

The Woodlands in the first half didn’t play as they normally do, and as the season progressed, they have seemed to pick up new habits. Instead of dominating the entire game, they are suppressed the first half and come out swinging the second. These actions can make or break a team and as far as Oak Ridge goes, they are a quality team amount some powerhouses in this district. They are on the younger side but they can surprise any team they go up against. They have also produced some college as well as NFL stars.

The second half went in favor of The Woodlands, as they racked up scores and kept pressure on the Oak Ridge quarterback and players. This was more like the Woodlands team, but as coach Rapp said “Nothing is given, everything is earned,” which they had to earn this win. Oak Ridge didn’t back down without a fight and created many big plays and forced many turnovers. Their bread and butter was short passes across the field which the Woodlands could not defend.

It was short lived, as the Woodlands made some huge plays to get into the endzone. The final score was The Woodlands 48, Oak Ridge 24. The Woodlands is set to face Grand Oaks next week, and Oak Ridge is traveling to face Willis.

Watch the interview with the Coaches

Coach Jim Rapp
Athletic Director/Head Football Coach of The Woodlands High School

Coach Mark Schmid
Athletic Director/Head Football Coach of Oak Ridge High School

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