HS Football Playoffs: School History Has Been Made as College Park Wins First Playoff Game!

By: Woodlands Online Sports Staff
| Published 11/11/2021


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- College Park opened in 2005 with principal Dr. Mark Murrell taking the lead and guiding teachers and student through the most important times of their lives. Since football is huge in Texas, they were in instant, friendly, rival with The Woodlands High School who had their own years of athletic success. Over the years they played each other and eternally the outcome was unpredictable from year to year as each of the schools exchanged athletic talents that would go on to be stars in their respected sports. But tonight, was a big night for College Park as they faced yet another bi-district playoff game at home in Woodforest Stadium.

As College Park stepped on the field to practice before game time, the look in each of the players eyes was determination and excitement. As they practiced it was evident that they had a winning mentality and would work their hardest to bring home the win. Since their opening in 2005, they have yet to pass the first round in playoffs, falling to Semi-Finalist and top finishing teams. This year was different, they have many weapons and talented athletes on their roster. Aldine Nimitz on the other hand had a couple of dangerous receivers and a quarterback that can get the ball down field.

The first half was just all College Park as they scored on their opening drive and continued to dominate on both sides of the ball. Putting pressure on the Nimitz quarterback and forcing many turnovers. They were playing like the team they were at the last game of the district season with The Woodlands. Pressure, defense and many runs by their specialist, Connor Dunphy, College Park ran over Nimitz up and down the field. They were not without fault, making small errors and getting too excited which resulted in many overthrown bombs down field. Although College Park wasn’t perfect, the score was, with College Park leading 21-0 as the final seconds closed out the first half.

Last week the second half is where College Park struggled to move the ball in any direction. This week was different, as they not only moved the ball, they dominated the second half with, again, forcing turnovers and picking a couple of throws from the Nimitz quarterback. This gave College Park the confidence to finish the game with destructive momentum. Nimitz had no answer on either side of the ball as they failed to enter the endzone the entire game.


College Park makes history, as the final seconds tick off of the clock, they finally made it passed the Bi-District round and move on to the Area Playoff round. This was the first ever win in the playoffs in school history. As emotions hit the players and coaches, Dr. Mark Murrell and Head Coach Madison hold it together for some final words of the game, thanking the players on their hard work and their first ever win. Final Score was 42-0.

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