Texas Children’s Hospital Leads the Nation in Pediatric Transplants

By: Texas Children's Hospital
| Published 01/26/2022


HOUSTON, TX -- Texas Children’s Hospital leads the nation in pediatric transplants, as reported this week by the Organ Procurement & Transplantation Network (OPTN), the country’s unique public-private registry for organ matching.

Newly released industry data places Texas Children’s Hospital No. 1 for heart, liver and lung transplants; No. 2 for kidney transplants in the United

The newly released OPTN data places the nation’s largest children’s hospital No. 1 for pediatric heart, liver and lung transplants, and No. 2 for pediatric kidney transplants in the United States.

In 2021, Texas Children’s Hospital Transplant Services successfully performed 118 transplants, outpacing all other children’s hospitals by more than 30 complex surgeries.

“This exceptional team has worked tirelessly to consistently improve care, develop new avenues, and have now ultimately paved the way for Texas Children’s to be the premier hospital for lifesaving transplant surgeries,” said Mark A. Wallace, President and CEO of Texas Children’s Hospital. “The expertise and unwavering passion of every single member of this team is unlike any other. I am incredibly proud of all they’ve accomplished, and I know this is only the beginning.”

Last year, the Texas Children’s Hospital Transplant Services team achieved two first-in-the-nation milestones: its 2000th transplant patient, solidifying the program’s status as the highest volume pediatric transplant center in the United States for the fourth consecutive year; and its 500th pediatric heart transplant, a benchmark that highlights Texas Children’s world-class pediatric heart transplant program.

“The Texas Children’s Hospital Transplant Services team’s impressive volume of pediatric transplants is topped only by its success rate,” said Dr. Larry H. Hollier, Surgeon-in-Chief and Chair of the Texas Children’s Hospital Department of Surgery. “Among the highest in both the nation and the world, our pediatric transplant success rate underscores the Transplant Services team’s cutting-edge, leading position in the field.”

As the most active pediatric transplant center in the world, Texas Children’s Hospital possesses a depth of skill and service, both within the program and throughout the hospital, that allows for best-in-class care of newborns to young adults in need of heart, kidney, liver and lung transplants.

The staff offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach through all aspects of the transplant process, from initial referrals, which are accepted from around the world, to hospitalization and outpatient management. The pediatric transplant team — including transplant surgeons, immunologists, coordinators, dietitians, child life specialists, and social workers — works closely with patients, families and referring physicians to help make the evaluation process as convenient and efficient as possible.

Building on its record of excellence, the Texas Children’s Hospital’s Transplant Services team often accepts and achieves success with cases other programs may consider untreatable. For this reason, the Transplant Services team boasts an impressive list of firsts, including:

• The first successful infant heart transplant in the United States;

• The first pediatric lung-kidney transplant in the United States;

• The hospital’s first — and one of only three in the nation — triple transplant of heart, lungs, and liver in one procedure.

“The real heroes in every transplant story are the selfless donors and their families,” said Dr. John A. Goss, Medical Director of Transplant Services at Texas Children’s Hospital. “As doctors, we are humbled and honored to witness the impact this incredible gift of life has on the lives of our pediatric transplant patients and their families.”

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