Youth Football: Speed Camp USA Puts on 7 on 7 Clinic with SCFL

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 03/08/2022


THE WOODLANDS, TX –- The South County Football League (SCFL) is a football league ensuring junior high and younger kids to have a foundation to start from before going into the “big leagues”. With 40 teams and over 700 players, coaches teach techniques and skill to the youth in preparation for the SCFL season and many more seasons in the future. Coaches also emphasize safety first which is crucial in a contact sport like football. Players will learn the fundamentals as well as the correct way to play the game through techniques and player safety.

Wayne Stewart, with speed camp USA, put on a clinic last Friday with a 7 on 7 tournament between the SCFL teams. With over 20 years of experience, Wayne gathered the 30 junior high and below teams to compete at Gullo Park in The Woodlands.

When asked if he loves doing it, Wayne replied, “I absolutely love, watching the kids develop every year because ethe first game was always a little hectic, but seeing them develop throughout the season and they’re getting better and better each week. And that’s what it’s all about.”

Being one of the biggest youth football leagues around, many players have started young and reached all the way to the NFL. Some include, Antoine Winfield Jr., who plays for the bucks. “We’ve had Vince Young play through here. Eric Schmid has played here, of course, he played at Sam Houston.”

When asked about the league and the kids that have come through the program, Wayne said humbly, “We’ve had a lot of kids come through here and I never tried to name drop because I just…I just watched. If they make it, they make it. So, I’m gonna say ‘Oh! He came to my 7 on 7 league.’”

As the night went on, many teams kept competing and as many as 8 games were going on at once. Rich Walters, new president of the SCFL, looked on as the games progressed. He explained that 7 on 7s were not the only things going on in the SCFL but many camps that include football camps as well as speed and agility.

Kids as young as 5 years old join the SCFL and sometimes make it into the big leagues. This is a crucial stepping stone because not only does it teach the fundamentals but it encourages every player to have fun and be present while learning the sport. Again, the number one focus, especially this year, has been safety. The NFL and other football leagues have band together to teach safety so these players can be 5 years old and have a successful career with little to no injury.

The SCFL has games/camp/7 on 7s every Friday at Gullo Park so it would be a great time to just stop by watch some youth football and enjoy the atmosphere. This year has seen an uptick in the crowds as people are encouraged to leave their house and get some fresh air. For more information on the SCFL go to their social media as well as website.

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