Grogan’s Mill Village Association provides update to status of Grogan’s Mill Shopping Center

| Published 06/09/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The Grogan’s Mill Village Association (GMVA) has issued a statement concerning the current status of the Grogan’s Mill Shopping Center on South Millbend at Grogan’s Mill. Here is the statement:

In early May, Howard Hughes (HHC) purchased the former Randall’s site as well as the in-line retail properties. The acquisition comes more than three years after the grocery anchor closed its doors. As efforts to attract another retail grocer proved unsuccessful, a potential acquisition and possible redevelopment became more likely.

Shortly after the acquisition was announced, Commissioner Noack’s office released a statement proposing a “land swap” with HHC. In the proposal, the County would acquire a portion of the village center property with the intention of building a new library as well as South County Community Center on the site, while HHC would acquire the existing Town Center library/community center property.

On May 23, The Montgomery County Commissioner’s Court unanimously approved a memorandum of understanding with HHC to proceed with discussions of the proposed land swap. While the memorandum of understanding clearly indicates that both parties are interested in exploring the proposal, negotiations are ongoing and a deal has yet to be solidified.

What’s happening now?
While the need for revitalization of the center has been evident in recent years, speculation over the future of the center has provoked plenty of discussion. As plans continue to take shape, local business owners and residents of Grogan’s Mill have been vocal regarding their hopes for the future of the center.

HHC met with Grogan’s Mill Village Center business owners on Thursday, June 1 to address some of the concerns regarding the future of the center and convey their commitment to the success of the center. Wes Cordova, GMVA Director and co-owner of The Blue Lion, stated, “It was a very productive and positive meeting.” A number of business owners have voiced their appreciation for the work that HHC has already completed since purchasing the property. HHC has quickly addressed outstanding maintenance concerns, including striping the parking lot and cleaning the exterior of the retail buildings.

The Grogan’s Mill Village Association met with HHC leadership on Friday, June 2, to discuss plans for the center and to share the feedback that continues to be received from residents. Residents have clearly expressed their hopes that the existing retail and restaurant businesses, as well as The Woodlands Farmer’s Market, be included in future plans for the center, while maintaining hope that the center will once again include a grocery store. “The conversations were very positive. Retail space and The Woodlands Farmer’s Market will definitely be a part of the future Grogan’s Mill Village Center, which is encouraging” said GMVA president Aaron Hoffstadter. Since the acquisition, HHC has been reaching back out to various retail grocers. “Our residents would be thrilled to see any grocer, even those with a more limited product offering, return to the center. I remain optimistic that the feedback from our residents will be heard and that the revitalization of the center will be positive for the community.” Questions have been raised regarding the funding for the proposed land swap and property development. If HHC handles the development of the proposed library and community center as a part of the deal, it is possible that the project will not require taxpayer funding.

An overview of resident feedback submitted to the GMVA can be viewed here.

Stay tuned to Woodlands Online for further updates to this developing story.

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