Grogan’s Mill Village Association scholarships announced

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 05/02/2023


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The Grogan’s Mill Village Association has just announced the recipients of its annual scholarship initiative. These scholarships – which are open to all graduating high school and current college students and who are residents of Grogan’s Mill at the time of application – are intended to recognize and encourage a spirit of community involvement and good citizenship among students residing in the village.

The applicants chosen had to be in good standing at their school at the time of application. The scholarships were awarded partially based on criteria such as financial need, a strong sense of community involvement and good citizenship, extracurricular or other activities and accomplishments, and counselor and academic administration recommendations.

This year. the GMVA was able to award $25,000 in scholarships this year to the following Grogan’s Mill residents:

• Ana Berlioz Moreno – University of Texas Austin
• Rianna Ramos – University of Texas San Antonio
• Gabelo Camiro – The Woodlands College Park High School
• Mikenzie Packer – The Woodlands College Park High School
• Andres Espinola – University of Houston
• Audrey Labbe – The Woodlands College Park High School
• Jonathan Cassidy – The Woodlands College Park High School
• Brynnah Stowell – The Woodlands Christian Academy
• Parker Pogue – Texas A&M
• Sara Rothe – The Woodlands High School
• Zach Hall – Lone Star College
• Edmund Bayot – Lone Star College
• Payton Pogue – Texas A&M
• Liam O’Neill – The Woodlands College Park High School

“Thanks to residents supporting The Woodlands Farmer’s Market, the GMVA is able to support scholarships, schools, community programs, the Interfaith Food Pantry and more. We thank you for spending your Saturday mornings with us shopping for produce, honey, meats, crafts, food, and more at The Woodlands Farmer's Market,” said the Grogan’s Mill Village Association in a statement.

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