The John Cooper School’s Anisha Amaravadi shares her artistic talent to foster community on campus

By: The John Cooper School
| Published 04/03/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The John Cooper School’s very own Anisha Amaravadi shares her artistic talent with friends and classmates who want a custom painted calculator. Anisha is not only building connections with her peers, but is building community across Cooper’s campus.

Anisha Amaravadi, Class of 2028, started her artistic journey in the summer searching for one of her own calculators in the garage. The calculator was dirty and dusty, so Anisha decided to take the aesthetics of the calculator to the next level by using her creativity. Anisha painted a beautiful design on her calculator with acrylic paints, which was immediately recognized by her classmates when she attended school. From then on, her reputation as an artist and a painter skyrocketed amongst her peers at Cooper.

“She’s not only finding joy, but she’s building relationships. It’s just a sense of community feeling for her. For me, having that system at Cooper is such a healthy setup and I’m really happy,” stated Anjani Achanta, Anisha’s mother.

Anisha’s creative outlet with painting calculators for her peers speaks to the strength of Cooper’s community of faculty, students, and families. As part of the strategic plan, The John Cooper School’s whole-child approach is central to the school’s mission and philosophies. As Cooper looks to the future, the school will continue to sustain the whole-child approach by ensuring students are nurtured and supported in a school environment that is not only conducive to learning, but also helps foster intellectual and artistic passions while equipping students with social-emotional skills that will serve them throughout their lives.

Anisha speaks to her experience with having the opportunity to paint custom designs for her peers. “It’s exhilarating because I see the possibilities of what I like. I really like painting. They’re [her peers] always so nice when they receive the calculator too… I’ve never gotten a bad review!”

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