Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract / Organic

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immune system.  
in the jar. 
*turkey tail 1:1 (fruiting body)
*turkey tail 10:1 (fruiting body)
* certified organic ingredient.
 >45% beta-d-glucan
<5% starch
50 grams. 50 servings.
serving size. 1tsp (1,000mg)
1,000mg authentic chaga mushroom extract / serving. 
recommended 1-2x daily. 

turkey tail is packed with antioxidants, immunomodulating and anti-inflammation compounds like the flavonoid quercetin which promotes the release of immunoprotective proteins, while inhibiting the release of pro-inflammatory enzymes which helps bring the inflammatory response into balance. turkey tail also contains krestin (PSK) and polysaccharide peptide (PSP) which give turkey tail additional immune supporting and anti-inflammatory properties. PSK promotes immunity to toxins, regulates the immune response and activates macrophages, which protect your body against harmful bacteria and consume dead cells.

our turkey tail mushroom extracts are certified organic, and lab tested to verify beta-glucan content and therapeutic compounds. our mushrooms are grown on native substrates and always extracted from the fruiting body. if you’re wanting the powerful benefits of performance mushrooms, choose organic extracts from the fruiting body to maximize both therapeutic compounds and bioavailability.

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