Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract

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 Immune System Support-  Studies have shown turkey tail extract may boost and support the immune system 
 Powerful Antioxidant- Turkey Tail extracts contain a high dose of many different types of antioxidants 
Aids in Digestion- Turkey tail contains prebiotics, which help nourish these helpful bacteria improving gut health and digestion
Helps Fight Cancer- The study showed that people with breast cancer, gastric cancer or colorectal cancer treated with turkey tail and chemotherapy experienced a  reduction in 5-year mortality compared to chemotherapy alone
?? MADE IN THE USA - Lone Start Mushrooms are a proud family owned and operated small business. This extract is made with fruiting bodies only harvested in North America. NO rice flour or fillers. Based out of Texas we take pride in offering the best mushroom supplements for humans and pets.
 Dual Extract - This means these organic mushrooms went through a rigorous two step extraction process to pull out the very beneficial compounds making them Bio available for adults, pets, and children
Immune Booster- this mushroom supplement has been used for thousands of years and is one of the most researched mushroom in the world. Containing important polysaccharide such as beta glucans to give your immune system the boost it needs
Easy To Use - One month supply, No large pill to swallow, simply add 1 mL of Lions Mane Extract to your water, coffee, tea, smoothie two times a day! Vegan friendly!
 Reverse Osmosis - We make sure that our extracts are made from the highest quality water. Our water goes through a five step process as follows, sediment filtration, activated carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, post carbon filtration, and ultraviolet sterilization
One month supply-  1 mL two times per day (60 mL/2 oz.)
 Includes measured, marked dropper

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