Chaga Mushroom Extract / Organic

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inflammation. oxidative stress. gut health.
in the jar. 
*chaga extract 1:1 (fruiting body)
* certified organic ingredient.
>30% beta-d-glucan
<5% starch
50 grams. 50 servings.
serving size. 1tsp (1,000mg)
1,000mg authentic chaga mushroom extract / serving. 
recommended 1-2x daily. 

Chaga, the mushroom of immortality, is used in functional medicine to boost immune system, reduce inflammation, and mitigate oxidative stress. Chaga is shown to strengthen beneficial cytokines while reducing damaging cytokines such as TNF-a (Tumor Necrosis Factor - alpha). This immunomodulating effect improves the body’s ability to fight pathogens while reducing the damaging effects of acute and chronic inflammation. Chaga’s high fiber and antioxidant properties are especially helpful in improving conditions of the gut.

Our Chaga mushroom extract is certified organic, and lab tested to verify beta-glucan content and therapeutic compounds. Our mushrooms are grown on native substrates and always extracted from the fruiting body. If you’re wanting the powerful benefits of performance mushrooms, choose organic extracts from the fruiting body to maximize both therapeutic compounds and bioavailability.

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