Rest Mushroom Complex

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Naturally wind down from your day Rest Mushroom Complex. Simply add 1 ml to your water, tea, coffee, smoothie, or food twice a day.
2 fl oz. (60 ml)
Includes measured, marked dropper
One month supply
 Evening Tranquility: Ease into restful evenings with our evening blend, featuring Reishi mushrooms, renowned for their stress-reducing and relaxation-promoting properties. Unwind and prepare your body for a peaceful night's sleep
 Enhanced Immune Support: Loaded with immune-boosting properties, these mushrooms help fortify your body's defenses against daily challenges, whether it's the demands of your workday or the need for a restorative nights rest
 Locally Sourced Mushrooms: We take pride in sourcing our mushrooms either from our farm in Houston, Texas, or from carefully foraged locations within the USA. This commitment to local and sustainable sourcing ensures the highest quality and freshness
 Pure and Premium Quality: Our Mushroom Complex is created using our liquid dual extract dropper format, providing maximum bioavailability and convenience in your daily morning and evening routine
Dual Extracted, Made From Mushroom Fruiting Bodies Only, No Filler or Grain, All Made in the USA

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