Elevate Your Outdoor Living With These Patio Designs


While summer isn't in full swing yet, you must start planning for your outdoor space right away. This ensures that once the days get super hot and the sun stays out later, your patio is ready to be enjoyed.

However, this doesn't just include watering your grass or ensuring your patio is clean — it takes a lot more than that to transform your backyard into a stunning escape. Here are some backyard patio designs to consider for your outdoor oasis.

Tips for Building the Perfect Patio

To take full advantage of your home, you need to give your backyard some love. And no green space is complete without a beautiful back patio set up. From al fresco dining to a refreshing space to hang out with friends, a patio can act as a second dining and living room area if designed properly.

Here are some best practices for building your picture-perfect patio:


summerPlan for your outdoor space right away so it's ready for summer.

Look at Lush Landscaping

The great outdoors are considered great for a reason. Plants truly add so much natural beauty to any space, including your backyard. Put in trees, shrubbery and plants that can complete the space and provide some much-needed protection from the hot sun.

For a fun twist, put in an herb garden that will look beautiful and add flavor to your summer menu. You could do this in a flower bed directly in your backyard or use elevated planter boxes for a chic take on your garden. This style of planter also keeps you from having to constantly bend down to get the herbs needed to spice up your entrees. Use a natural wood option or opt for a cute tin one instead — both are great for your yard.

Brighten Your Yard With Outdoor Lighting

While the sun stays out much longer in the warmer months, it does have to set eventually. However, this doesn't have to end your outdoor fun! Playful fixtures like strung fairy lights or solar lights are great options so your get-togethers can last long into the night.

You'll want to determine the type of fixture based on the functionality and purpose of your lights. If you want ambient, warm lighting, an outdoor chandelier or bistro lights can be hung and strung above your outdoor table. Or if you want brighter, more effective lighting, you could have lanterns stuck into the ground surrounding your most used areas — namely, the grill, outdoor table or hung above outdoor chairs. That way you can always do what you need to, whether that be make burgers or curl up with your favorite book under the stars.


seatingProvide ample seating for your family and friends.

Select the Perfect Furniture

When it comes to outdoor furniture, you want pieces that are going to last. Choose comfortable and sturdy outdoor chairs, benches, picnic tables — even a parasol — to sit and enjoy the fresh open air all summer long. You can also make the space extra comfortable by throwing in some outdoor pillows and blankets that not only look cute but also make long hours spent in your backyard as cozy as possible.

If you have a poolside patio, don't forget about comfortable lounge chairs that can help you get a tan while you dry off. Additionally, extra storage for swimming gear, towels and pool chemicals can keep your outdoor items organized.

Don't Forget Flooring

While concrete pavers and wood flooring are popular, don't be afraid to mix and match materials. A combination of natural wood and gray pavers can create a beautiful contrast that will leave guests wanting the same look at their house. Or if you want to go a different route, you could try creating a stone patio with a matching retaining wall for a cohesive look and feel.

Whichever flooring you choose, just be sure to match the outdoor furniture with the pavers or concrete patio. You could create a stunning backyard by ensuring everything looks like a complete picture with no pieces out of place.

5 Trendy Backyard Patio Designs That Won't Go out of Style

Want to keep up with the most popular patio design ideas without having to swap your design choices every year? Follow these patio designs that won't go out of style:

Create an Oasis With Water Features

Adding a water feature like a pond or fountain can make a splash in your backyard, providing a living and moving piece of art for all to enjoy. This eye-catching design choice can add sound and movement that's both relaxing and unique — especially if you live in a noisy neighborhood with lots of traffic. Think you can't do this because you have a small patio? Think again! There are clever and space-saving ways to incorporate water, even in a small space. Try a bird bath, garden water bowl or a watertight trough in a variety of materials.

Get Bright Plant Pots

While you may think of greens, blues and other organic colors when going over your patio palette, you have more shade options than you might think. Use colorful pots for flowers, trees and other plants for bright bursts of color. These pots can be a variety of shapes and sizes, providing visual interest and making the yard even more lush. You could also line pots along the border of your garden or walkway to create a bright boundary.

Incorporate Built-in Seating

If your patio has less space or you're looking for non-traditional seats, garden seats built into the patio can be a nice twist on classic lounge chairs. This could look like building bench seats into the sides of a raised bed or retaining wall, making the space functional without sacrificing the look.

Put Together a Grilling Station

The ultimate patio space includes a grilling station with all the necessities to throw together a gourmet meal fit for royalty. Think about the type of grill you'd like, then add a small countertop for prep work, drawers for storage — even a sink if you want to go all out.

Nothing screams neighborhood BBQ like a full-blown patio kitchen right there in your backyard. Prepare meals while hosting guests without having to step inside. This can make outdoor dining a breeze by having everything you need right in front of you.

Consider an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

Outdoor living is best done when there's a fireplace or fire pit to gather around and roast marshmallows. The perfect summer evening includes bright flames and amazing friends and family nearby — as long as you don't mind the smoke smell.

If you have a covered patio or enclosed patio, an outdoor fireplace can be a great addition. It can also make outdoor dining feel even more chic. If you don't have a covered or enclosed patio, a fire pit is another option that works just as well.

Your Dream Patio Awaits

If these ideas have you excited about your patio's potential, connect with Decorating Den Interiors straight away. Our team can bring your ideas to life and help transform your tired and outdated backyard into a dreamy landscape built for entertaining.

To start the backyard revamp process, all you have to do is contact us. Once you reach out, we'll set up a free consultation — either on the phone or in person — to get a better idea of what you're looking to achieve, what your budget is and other valuable information.

Then, your personal decorator will take your patio design ideas and financial considerations and create a beautiful mood board and design layout. This will help you visualize the types of colors, materials and functionality your new patio will offer you. If you love what you see, we have the green light to get started, doing all the hard work of organizing, ordering and putting the space together so you can sit back and relax. 

Ready to have your pinch-me moment with your backyard? Find a Decorating Den Interiors team member near you to get started.

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