How Oral Surgeons Assist Orthodontists


At Northwest Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery our doctors are ready to assist you and your family members with all-inclusive oral health care related surgical services. This includes developing a treatment in collaboration with your orthodontist.

Our team includes surgeons who are well trained and board certified in the specialty of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. This training includes performing oral surgical procedures in the office and jaw surgery procedures in the hospital. Let us put our training and expertise to work today to assist you in improving your oral health and wellness.

Reasons Oral Surgeons and Orthodontists Collaborate

Oral surgeons and orthodontists will frequently assist one another with patient care and treatment. This collaboration of these health professionals occurs when a patient’s care requires more than just orthodontics or surgery.

Here are some examples of why situations where oral surgeons work with orthodontists to treat patients;

  1. To facilitate your orthodontic treatment by performing exposure of partially erupted or unerupted teeth, extraction of teeth to make space for alignment, removal of extra teeth, placement of orthodontic anchor devices. 
  2. Maintain the results of your orthodontic treatment by removal of third molar teeth if there is inadequate space for eruption after orthodontic treatment is complete. 
  3. Performing surgery on the jaw bones to align the jaws and teeth in collaboration with your orthodontist to get optimal results when individuals have significant overbites or underbites due to an altered growth pattern.
  4. Treating infections of third molar teeth which have come in partially during your orthodontic treatment.

Benefits of Using an Oral Surgeon

Having an oral surgeon readily available on your contacts list and for your household is important for the overall oral health of your family. When you are faced with an oral surgery emergency, such as a broken tooth or car accident involving facial damage, it serves wonders the family well to have an oral surgeon whom you have already met in charge of your care.

Choose an Oral Surgeon Today

Here at Northwest Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Texas, we have several offices in which to serve you with oral surgeon services. Come by our office in Conroe, Spring (Louetta), Magnolia, Huntsville, or in The Woodlands at our Technology Forest and Sterling Ridge location.

To schedule an appointment with any of our board-certified oral surgeons contact our office online. You can also call any of our locations Monday to Friday to make an appointment over the phone.

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