BASEBALL: Cavaliers pull close 3-2 victory over War Eagles

By: WOL Sports Staff
| Published 03/24/2016


SHENANDOAH, Texas — After a venue swap due to rainy weather, the College Park Cavaliers began their winning streak at Oak Ridge 3-2.

See highlights from the game here.

After a quick first inning, a Cavalier run by Player of the Game Travis Washburn put College Park ahead of Oak Ridge 1-0 early in the second inning, but second baseman for the War Eagles, Michael Lawson hit a double, stole third and put a run on the board at the bottom of the third. The Cavs quickly responded the next inning with two drives by Nick Pischulla and Cooper Lucas, Pischulla and broke the tie with the run, putting College Park back on top 2-1.

At the bottom of the fourth, a pop fly sent Oak Ridge pitcher, Tyler Davis, to second base. Subbing in for Davis was Jacoby Boudreaux, who tied the game up again for the War Eagles. A no-hit fifth inning held the 2-2 tie, but another run for Pischulla put the Cavs back in the lead 3-2.

Oak Ridge’s Justin Alphonse started off the final inning with a double and was subbed by Seth Wilson. Braden Letney stepped in with a sacrifice, getting Wilson to third base with only one out. Addison Moss ended the 7th inning with the final out, and College Park took the win.

“There’s more of these to come,” College Park head coach Jason Washburn said. “In 16-6A, there are a lot of close ball games like this. I think we’ve seen that there’s some parody in this district, and you’re going to have to be ready to play each and every game… We’re just excited to come out of here with a win.”

As the team continues their trek into district play, Washburn said that he wants his team to remember the importance of even the tiniest of details.

“Every little thing is precious,” Washburn said. We’ve got to pay attention to the details. Every little thing is precious, and we have to take care of the baseball defensively, which we did tonight.”

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