Get a JumpStart on the School Year

By: Susan Love Fitts Communications
| Published 07/06/2016


THE WOODLANDS, Texas - As the days continue to grow shorter and summer gives way to autumn, lazy days spent with friends and family turn into the daily grind of back to school.

We have introduced our JumpStart program just in time for back to school.

“As teachers, we all knew that while some of our students entered the classroom on the first day of school ready to pick up where they’d left off in the spring, many more would require some time to transition back to the strict schedules and busy days of formal education,” said Kim Bellini of The Woodlands LearningRx. “Fortunately, for both students and their parents, we have introduced our JumpStart program just in time for back to school.”

To be held throughout the month of August, JumpStart is designed to help children return to school with a learning advantage by providing brain exercises that can wake their brains from summer slumber.

The program consists of six brain-training sessions, which can help students work on sharpening their attention, memory, processing speed and problem solving skills, and concludes with a cognitive skills assessment.

To register for the JumpStart program at The Woodlands LearningRx, call 832-482-3082. The fee for the program is $299.

To learn more about baseline cognitive testing or the many other services provided at The Woodlands LearningRx, call them or visit

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