District 13-6A Football Awards

By: JD Hurd II
| Published 12/23/2020


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- The 2020 season provided plenty of unforgettable moments. The coaches and players who worked hard to make those moments happen have now been rewarded for their efforts. The District 13-6A awards and all-district teams have been released. Congratulations to the following players and coaches:

Coach of the Year - Lonnie Madison, College Park

District MVP - Dylan Hazen, College Park and Teddy Knox, The Woodlands

Offensive Player of the Year - Alton McCaskill, Oak Ridge

Defensive Player of the Year - Curt Evangelister, College Park and Layne O’Dell, Conroe

Offensive Newcomer - Louis Williams III, Conroe

Defensive Newcomer - Braydon Jones, Conroe

Special Teams Player of the Year - Grant Nickel, Grand Oaks

Utility Player of the Year - Jadarius Brown, Willis

1st Team All-District Offense

QB: Connor Dechiro, The Woodlands
QB: Jalen Williams, Conroe
FB: Michael Perry, College Park
RB: Micah Cooper, Grand Oaks
TE: Cody Mladenka, College Park
TE: Brenden Montemayor, Grand Oaks
WR: Landon Lightsey, Oak Ridge
WR: Jamarious Wells, Willis
WR: Alex Brigman, College Park
WR: Holden Rook, College Park
WR: Jack Calhoun, The Woodlands
WR: Ben Ferguson, The Woodlands
WR: Joshua Denman, Conroe
OL: Cameron Delray, Oak Ridge
OL: Stacey Williams, Oak Ridge
OL: Jacob Engelbretson, Grand Oaks
OL: Cobe Williams, College Park
OL: MJ Ruhman, The Woodlands
OL: Titan Tucker, The Woodlands
K: Trey Harrison, The Woodlands
K: Christian Pavon, Willis

1st Team All-District Defense

DL: Andrew Edmonson, College Park
DL: Perry Irchirl, College Park
DL: Bradley Warren, The Woodlands
DL: Logan Ecuyer, The Woodlands
DL: David Soriano, Willis
DL: Lisandro Demagistris, Conroe
DL: Geronimo Rodgriguez, Grand Oaks
DL: Jaylon Wyatt, Oak Ridge
LB: KC Ossai, Oak Ridge
LB: Adam Herschmann, Oak Ridge
LB: Roman Hamilton, Conroe
LB: Nick Vetere, College Park
LB: Aiden Collier, Willis
LB: Noah Polotko, The Woodlands
LB: Pablo Amaya, The Woodlands
LB: David Bush, Grand Oaks
LB: Jack Manning, Grand Oaks
DB: Cameron Hilliard, Conroe
DB Sammy Keith, Oak Ridge
DB: Dexter Green, Oak Ridge
DB: Joseph Golden, College Park
DB: Logan Telfer, Grand Oaks
DB: Kain Kennedy, The Woodlands
P: Sebastian Parra, College Park
P: Christian Pavon, Willis
LS: Corbin Campbell, Conroe

2nd Team All-District Offense

QB: Steele Bardwell, Willis
QB: Ty Buckmon, College Park
QB: Steve Smedley, Oak Ridge
FB: Brandon High, Grand Oaks
RB: Lane O’Brien, The Woodlands
RB: Dylon DeAngelo, College Park
RB: Sean Zver, Grand Oaks
WR: Cade Moore, The Woodlands
WR: Jahron Jonas, Oak Ridge
WR: Ja’Kobe McCoy, Willis
WR: Carson Nolen, College Park
WR: Triston Brause, Grand Oaks
WR: Seth Wright, Grand Oaks
TE: Kory Ford, Willis
OL: Josh Blackburn, College Park
OL: Grayson Brautigam, College Park
OL: Garrett Pitzer, Conroe
OL: Damarcus Wilridge, Conroe
OL: Jalyn Brown, The Woodlands
OL: Kaden Sieracki, The Woodlands
OL: Matthew Gaudern, Oak Ridge
OL: Jesus Hernandez, Oak Ridge
OL: Andy Parker, Willis
OL: Zach Rogers, Willis
OL: Jordan Wilson, Grand Oaks
OL: Noah Sterenberg, Grand Oaks
K: Fernando Cedillo, Oak Ridge

2nd Team All-District Defense

DL: Grant Ferguson, College Park
DL: Robert Skinner, Grand Oaks
DL: Colby Allbritton, Grand Oaks
DL: Myles Terry, Oak Ridge
DL: Jacob Harris, Oak Ridge
DL: John Podowski, The Woodlands
LB: Bret Lane, College Park
LB: Harrison Helton, College Park
LB: Benjamin Delray, Oak Ridge
LB: Matthew Humplik, Oak Ridge
LB: Matt Knipfel, The Woodlands
LB: Evan Dubin, The Woodlands
LB: Trevor Jones, Willis
LB: Noah Clark, Grand Oaks
LB: Brayden Bradley, Grand Oaks
DB: David Wilkins, Grand Oaks
DB: Gabe Anzaldua, Grand Oaks
DB: Zayden Kimple, Conroe
DB: Tallas Harrison, Willis
DB: Jordan Holmes, Oak Ridge
DB: Marcus Scott, College Park
P: Wuester Cruz-Granados, Conroe
LS: Andrew Fuller, Willis
LS: Lane Cromwell, Oak Ridge

Honorable Mention Offense

QB: Hank Hudson, College Park
QB: Nick Osborne, Oak Ridge
QB: Mabrey Mettauer, The Woodlands
RB: Charles Kibble, Conroe
RB: Jordon O’Neale, Conroe
RB: Jobarre Reed, The Woodlands
WR: Conner Dunphy, College Park
WR: Scott Hickey, Oak Ridge
WR: Khylige Payne, Conroe
WR: Jordan Thomas, Conroe
WR: Tanner Hayes, Willis
TE: Conner Dunphy, College Park
OL: Chance Jackson, College Park
OL: Haidyn Nevedal, College Park
OL: Cal Slafka, College Park
OL: Jacob Solis, Oak Ridge
OL: Sean Robles, Conroe
OL: Luis Varela, Conroe
OL: James Morales, Grand Oaks
OL: Cross Tucker, The Woodlands

Honorable Mention Defense

DL: Xander Sandefur, Oak Ridge
DL: Shannon Richardson, Conroe
DL: Baylon Thomas, Conroe
DL: Adrian Pacheco, Grand Oaks
DL: Canton Ling, The Woodlands
LB: Jace Halbaedier, Willis
DB: Zachary Harris, College Park
DB: Dylan Moore, College Park
DB: Adaryl Douglas, Oak Ridge
DB: Jaquele Harrison, Oak Ridge
DB: Kam Humphrey, Conroe
DB: Jaden Williams, Conroe
DB: Shane Telfer, Grand Oaks
DB: Devon Lovelady, Willis

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