HS GBB: Grand Oaks Steals the Win from Magnolia West

By: Julio Varguez
| Published 11/16/2021


SPRING, TX -- Head Coach Shiakiea Carter brings to the table over 20 years of coaching experience as she enters her 3rd year coaching the Grand Oaks Lady Grizzlies. Since 1999 she has been in the coaching scene and had the opportunity to coach many great kids in the process. A year later since the lock down, sports are starting to look as they were in the past. With this almost year off, kids have been leveling up their skills at home in hopes to showcase it on the field or court. The basketball season has just begun and many teams are just getting in the groove with each other as they faced non-district competition. Grand Oaks is not only one of the youngest in the district but one that could make a huge playoff run this year.

The Freshman and JV teams absolutely mopped up Magnolia West winning by huge margins as the Varsity teams looked on. The Magnolia West Mustangs were on the road against the Grand Oaks Grizzlies and as the teams warmed up, they seemed quiet. But within the first couple of minutes, it was evident that they both came to play. More so Grand Oaks as they put pressure on the inbound and started interrupting the passing lanes creating multiple turnovers. The Grizzlies came out feeling Magnolia West but quickly took a 16-6 lead in the first.

The second quarter was similar to the first but the pace sped up as Grand Oaks forced Magnolia West to think about their plays. The Mustangs also had a difficult time keeping the pace with Grizzlies as they made many mistakes and gave some turnovers. The Grizzlies aggression made the offence second guess their decisions which gave them the advantage and a 25-14 lead going into the half.

Grand Oaks Coach Shiakiea Carter explained, “I can never give that energy off to my players to make them think that its ok to just come out and not prepare for anyone. So, I look at everyone as a big-time opponent.”

This stood true in the second half as Grand Oaks kept Magnolia West to just 24 points. Their aggression on the inbound overwhelmed the offence and the Mustangs had no answers to this. As Grand Oaks swarmed the ball, refs called back court violations on Magnolia which disrupted the momentum. With the aggressive defense stopping the offense, the Grand Oaks offense was on fire as they sank 3-pointer and drove through the paint like an 18-wheeler. They end the game 58-24 as Grand Oaks chalked up another non-district win.

“Every game is a big game for me,” Said Grand Oaks Head Coach, “I’ve lived by that my whole coaching career because I don’t take anyone lightly.”

The Grand Oaks Grizzlies as set to face Fulshear on Friday.

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