The Woodlands Township Continues Recycle Right Education Program

By: The Woodlands Township
| Published 05/10/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX -- The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department continues its Recycle Right education program into 2024, and as part of this initiative, Township staff will attach educational tags to all residential curbside carts between April and July 2024. These tags are for general education purposes only; no inspections of cart contents will occur.

Residents are encouraged to keep the tag and refer to it whenever they are unsure whether an item belongs in their curbside recycling cart. The golden rule is simple: If it's not listed as one of the five item categories on the tag, it doesn't belong in the cart. Unacceptable items, regardless of their material, will not be recycled. Furthermore, they diminish the value of acceptable items and can cause problems at recycling facilities.

Common contaminants include plastic bags, greasy pizza boxes, Styrofoam, wires, yard trimmings and any kind of cords. Residents are asked not to bag recyclables, as good recyclables bundled inside plastic bags are considered contaminants and are discarded at the recycling center. Please place all recyclables loose into your cart.

Since its launch, the Recycle Right program has successfully reduced recycling contamination by 14%. The program offers clear and simple guidelines to residents of The Woodlands, specifying what items are suitable for curbside recycle carts and, equally important, what should not be included. By ensuring only accepted materials are placed in the recycling carts, we can keep contamination levels low and maintain the strength of the Township's recycling program. For more information on recycling in The Woodlands, please visit

For more information about The Township residential recycling program, including options for recycling items that cannot be placed curbside, view the Recycle More Guide or contact The Woodlands Township Environmental Services Department at or by phone 281-210-3800.

Cart Tagging

  • When: April – July 2024
  • Where: All single-family homes within the Township
  • What: Township employees will place an educational tag on each recycling cart on their regular service day.

Residential Recycling Guidelines

  • Do not bag recyclables.
  • Do not put plastic bags in the cart – Plastic bags can be taken to local grocery stores for recycling.
  • When in doubt, throw it out.

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