1st Annual YMCA Triathlon at Holcomb Location

By: Woodlands Online Staff
| Published 05/18/2024


THE WOODLANDS, TX – The YMCA held its first annual Triathlon at their new Holcomb location which was presented by Texas Children’s Hospital of The Woodlands. The foggy day started off with kids jumping into the pool to swim 100 yards. They would then bike 1.25 miles and finally run 1/4th of a mile.

With the newly added aquatic center, the Holcomb location will now hold complete Triathlons which previously was a duathlon due to the construction of the pool. Kids from ages 7 to 15 competed in the new triathlon to test their skills in swimming biking and running.

The YMCA will continue its mission and cause to strengthen the communities they serve. The annual campaign ensures that everyone has an equal access and opportunity as well as resources to thrive. They encourage everyone, little or big, to get out there and get active and make a difference.

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