Crenshaw Hosts Conroe ISD Students Entering Military Academies

By: Russell D. Reneau
| Published 06/20/2024


CONROE, TX -- Congressman Dan Crenshaw hosted the Hail and Farewell Breakfast for students in his district, including 11 from Conroe ISD, who will be beginning their service at one of the United States military academies this year.

A profile of each student follows, and any students considering a military academy after graduation can visit

Steven Bender
Steven is looking forward to continuing to become a leader with service at his core and delving into the complex world of chemical engineering at West Point this fall after graduating from The Woodlands College Park High School. As a member of the Cross Country, Track and Field, and Powerlifting teams, Steven knows how to keep himself and those around him accountable. He took on several leadership positions including Vice President and President of Finance of the Environmental Action Club and Founder and President of the Lego Club. Steven was also a member of JROTC where he showed that he never backs down from a challenge and his work ethic combined with an infectious positive attitude is sure to serve him well at West Point.

Everett Champlin
Everett is described as bringing out the best in others as he elevates discussion and enthusiasm in and out of academics. He is self-motivated and proactive as exemplified in his four years on the Bass Fishing team and Football team where he served as Captain of the Offensive Line. These experiences made him confident in his abilities to create a strong sense of camaraderie within a team. As a member of various volunteer organizations, including Henry’s Home, the Special Olympics, and Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Everett understands the importance of learning about others and is determined to learn and grow in his intelligence and his character. Everett graduated from The Woodlands High School and is looking forward to beginning his journey at West Point where he plans to continue playing football while excelling in everything he does.

Jaylen Jackson
Graduating from Oak Ridge High School, Jaylen has achieved both in and out of the classroom. As a member of Varsity Football and Track and Field for all four years, he commits himself to excellence everyday and strives to lead by example. Outside of sports, Jaylen was a member of the National Honors Society and the Oak Ridge High School Academy Science and Engineering where he was dedicated to challenging himself, exemplifying his strong work ethic. This fall, Jaylen will begin studying at the Air Force Academy where he hopes to continue to push himself to grow as an academic, an athlete, and an individual.

Luke Johnson
Luke graduated from The Woodlands High School knowing what it means to be a part of a team. A participant in Texas Boys State, football, track and field, and rugby, Luke exemplifies loyalty and passion. As a member of National Honor Society, the Science National Honor Society, the Spanish National Honor Society, and an AP Scholar, it is not secret that Luke strives to succeed. His strong foundation and morals, instilled in him by his family and his time as leader of the Senior Bible Study, guide him in everything he does. Luke believes that iron sharpens iron and is ready to experience that at West Point this fall where he plans to study engineering and lead a life for others.

Joseph Marlow
Joseph (Joey) graduated from The Woodlands High School and has been attending the Naval Academy Prep School where he is becoming well versed in what it takes to be an Officer of the Navy. He is a highly motivated athlete, participating in Track and Field, the Mac Vault Academy Pole Vault Club and The Woodlands Waves Swim Team all four years of high school. As a pole vaulter, Joey illustrated an extraordinary work ethic and attention to detail that earned him 8th in the 6A Division in Texas. Joey was also a Senior Acolyte at St. Anthony Parish where he fostered adaptability skills and dedication. This program taught him how to create a community and lead selflessly. In JROTC, Joey is known to have a heart for “service before self” exemplified in his nomination for “Airman of the Quarter” in his first year. Joey will begin at the Naval Academy this fall.

Cristian Mazariegos
As a Commanding Officer of the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, it only seems right that he will be attending the Naval Academy this fall. Cristian is fully committed to each task he is assigned, looking not only to complete the task with perfection but also to use every situation as an opportunity to learn and grow. At Caney Creek High School, Cristian was a member of the Precision Air Rifle Team, Orienteering Team, and Armed Drill Team, serving as Commander of all three. Further he participated in the National Honor Society, National English Society, and the Math Honor Society where he served as Vice President. His character alongside his willingness to serve will make him an exceptional Naval officer.

Braden McEldowney
Braden, being both a wonderful student and an involved one at Grand Oaks High School, illustrated exactly what it means to have a strong work ethic. His commitment in football and powerlifting as well as his volunteer efforts at the Montgomery County Food Bank and The Woodlands Methodist Church exemplify his determination to accomplish tasks with tenacity. Braden is disciplined, resilient, and able to communicate spectacularly. As a tutor for fellow students and a part of the Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy, Braden harnessed team building skill, compassion, and leadership-all of which will prove invaluable at the United States Merchant Marine Academy this fall where he plans to continue studying and playing football.

Macoy Noack
Macoy’s patriotism and passion are unmatched. At The Woodlands High School, his enthusiasm, sense of purpose, and moral compass were apparent in the classroom, on the football team, and within the National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society. As Team Captain of Powerlifting and a Student Leader at Rebelbase Ministries, Macoy illustrates the meaning of dedicated leader. Macoy led Bible study, Small Groups, Vacation Bible Studies, and pursued mission trips as he strives to achieve as a man of God. Macoy’s pursuits at West Point will surely be done with a sense of responsibility, desire to serve, and a hope to make a difference.

Jasmine Rivera
Jasmine is a committed student, exemplifying initiative, a desire to overcome obstacles, and enthusiasm in all that she does. She spent eight years as a member of the Arabian Horse Youth Association and was the co-founder of the CVUSD where she learned how to lead a team whose members execute their collection and individual roles. Jasmine also attended the USAFA Summer Seminar and was awarded the Wright Brother Award by the Civil Air Patrol. Her dream to fly will become her reality as she begins her journey at the Air Force Academy this fall after graduating from The Woodlands College Park High School.

Aden Self
At The Woodlands High School, Aden worked hard to be a force in both the classroom and on the field. A six year member of Track and Football, eventually serving as Captain, Aden learned how to face adversity head on and come out stronger. He served selflessly and with a positive attitude that brought energy to his team and classmates. As an academic, Aden was a member of the National Honor Society and an award recipient of Academic All-District and Academic All-State. He is described as the kind of leader that people naturally want to follow, creating a sense of brotherhood wherever he goes. This fall, Aden will be continuing his education at West Point.

Nelson Troy
Nelson’s time at Grand Oaks High School showed that he is a go-getter. He is described as all in and dedicates himself to reaching new heights. As a member of NASA HUNCH as Lead Engineer, Nelson was granted Excellence in Engineering and illustrated lively leadership. Further, Nelson attends the Marion Military Institute where they know him to be a man of honor, liveliness, and to choose the harder, correct choice over the easier, wrong one. This fall, Nelson is heading to the Air Force Academy in pursuit of a mindset that no other college will grant.

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