I Have A New Puppy. How Can I Protect My Home And Fido?

By: Mr Handyman of The Woodlands | Published 08/09/2023


The key is puppy proofing your home. Create an environment that suits the needs of the new dog so they aren’t tempted by things they shouldn’t be getting into. Follow these tips from Mr. Handyman and you won’t need as many home repairs.

Get a doggy door
Pet door installation can be a way to give your puppy more independence, and at the same time free up the time spent letting them out into the yard. Although this requires some training, getting a dog used to letting themselves outside at an early age is invaluable for the homeowner who is away constantly and has a fenced-in yard. Mr. Handyman can help install a pet door in your home today.

Watch the floors
Puppies are known to have a few accidents in the house when they’re younger. Carpets tend to stain much quicker when a new puppy is around, so it’s important to have potty pads and carpet cleaner around at all times. Urine can also have a detrimental effect on wood floors since it can seep underneath and lead to warping. To protect your floors, make sure nails are trimmed often and to crate train your new puppy while you are away from the home.

Fix any damage right away
Make sure you don’t let drywall holes or chewed-up baseboards stay in your home unrepaired. Puppies can turn a small hole into a gaping one in no time, and it can lead to other safety hazards. The professionals at Mr. Handyman know how to help.

Don’t have time for puppy proofing because of a busy schedule? Contact us for professional, on-time, done right handyman services.

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