I'm Ready For A New Look In My Bedroom. What Are Some Cost-Effective Methods?

By: Mr Handyman of The Woodlands | Published 12/26/2023


There are plenty of ways to give your bedroom a makeover, even on a tight budget. Try some of these tips from the experts at Mr. Handyman.

Molding installation
Molding can be a cost-effective way to freshen up the look of a bedroom. Whether it’s at the base of a wall, through the center, lining the ceiling or all three, installing molding is both inexpensive and transforms the rooms that feature it. Some options cost more than others based on what materials they are crafted from, but the home repair services offered through Mr. Handyman can help you pick out and install what’s best for you.

Repairing drywall
Patching drywall can be one of the least expensive ways to bring a bedroom new life. Filling tiny holes left by nails can be extremely simple while costing very little money. The bigger the hole, the more complicated the job tends to get. If you have damage to your drywall, leave the job to the professionals at Mr. Handyman.

Painting walls
Nothing transforms a room like a brand new color or refreshing the faded paint already on the wall. This can be easy and inexpensive in most cases as well because the paint is relatively inexpensive and very forgiving if you make a mistake. Whether it's an accent wall or a touching-up paint, you can count on Mr. Handyman for painting services.

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