Flies in the home

By: Bio-Tech Pest Control | Published 10/11/2023


I really enjoy the warmer weather this time of year, but the toughest part is dealing with the large flies. I know the issue. Keep the yard cleaner and be more diligent of conducive conditions that encourage pest breeding and growth. The flies coming into my home are very irritating but if I take a moment to watch and see what they are landing on, I can find what they are attracted to and take care of and remove the issue on the spot. 

Most flies will thrive on wet or decaying organic matter left out.
You will need to get rid of rotting or spoiled food, feces or other materials on which the flies can lay their eggs. While treating the adult fly issue will reduce the current infestation you may be experiencing, you must locate and eliminate the breeding areas in and around your home to manage future population of flies. Even an over-watered plant can provide a place for flies to breed.
When flies search for food, they crawl over many items in your home and as carriers of disease causing bacteria, they can spread infections pretty quickly. To help avoid or at least reduce flies getting into your home, here are some simple steps to take:
• Keep both indoor and outdoor garbage cans clean (not just replace liners) and make sure they have a tight fitting lid.
• Check and replace torn or broken screens to reduce entry points.
• Check the yard for low lying areas and level these out to ensure proper drainage after watering the lawn or heavy rain to get rid of standing water.
• Pick up and dispose of pet feces regularly.
• Clean out pet water and food bowls regularly.
• Check for accumulated food debris under and around dishwashers and the stove.
• Check and clean garbage disposal drains to clear out stuck and decaying food particles.
Remember, fly traps and residual insecticides will help reduce the fly population to help keep them under control, but ultimately, you, as the homeowner will need to make sure to check the yard and home to eliminate potential breeding sites and reduce conducive conditions that allow flies and other outdoor pests to flourish and make their way into your home.
If you are having an issue with flies that is more than you can handle, contact Bio-Tech Pest Control today at 281-296-6022.

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