Why did my Internet Price Increase?

By: Tachus Fiber Internet | Published 02/18/2024


A recent survey from U.S. News revealed that out of 3500 respondents, 39% of U.S. adults who pay for home internet “cut personal expenses in order to pay their internet bill.”

While it’s a staggering statistic, for many it comes as no surprise as dominant Internet Service Providers (ISPs) continue to raise their prices year over year. While prices may still increase, the Internet industry is expecting major changes soon with new FCC proposals aiming to regulate the digital landscape. 

Which Internet Companies Have Increased their Prices (2023 – 2024)?
 ISPs listed in this article have increased their prices from 2023 and into 2024.

  Xfinity increased its Internet prices in late 2023 by up to $48 annually.

  •      CenturyLink increased its Internet prices by up to $120 annually.
  •      AT&T raised their Internet prices by up to $120 annually in July 2023
  •      Spectrum raised their Internet prices by up to $60 annually in July 2023. 
  •    Spectrum is also raising their low-income affordable internet program by up to $75 annually. 
  •     Verizon raised their Internet prices by up to $120 annually in July 2023

4 Ways to Save on your Internet Bill
Keeping up with the digital world can be challenging, and finding ways to save is becoming even more important.

Managing your Internet usage efficiently and cost-effectively is crucial. These tips help users make smart choices and save money on their internet bills. ‍

1.     Identify the speed you need

Choosing the rightInternet speed can save money and prevent paying too much. Certain factors like the number of people in your home, the number of connected devices, or if you like to stream in 4K are all important to consider when choosing your speed.

2.     Keep an eye on your data caps 

Some ISPs have data caps on your Internet. If you use too much data, you'll have to pay extra fees. By monitoring your data usage on things like streaming, you can avoid these additional costly fees. Unlike other competitors, Tachus offers Unlimited Internet, so you never have to worry about exceeding a data cap. 

3.     Deduct your Internet Bill on your Taxes

This tip is a bit more specific to people who work from home or utilize the Internet they purchase for business needs. Freelancers, contractors, and those who use the Internet for business may deduct expenses from their taxes. Keep records and receipts for your claim. Consult a tax professional for personalized guidance based on your situation and location. 

4.     Find Competitors with Lifetime Pricing

While internet price increases seem inevitable, that's not always the case. Fiber Internet providers like Tachus offer Lifetime Pricing, so your Internet cost stays the same. Search for competition in your area that won't increase your rate. 

Does Internet Bill Count as a Utility Bill
Yes, just like water, gas or electricity, Internet is a utility bill. Any essential household service that you pay for each month is a utility. Small business owners, freelancers, and contractors can subtract some of their Internet bills from their taxes.

What is No Contract Internet?
No contract Internet offers customers flexibility and freedom from things like early termination fees. No contract plans let customers choose a monthly plan that suits their needs, instead of being locked into a long-term contract. 

What is Lifetime Pricing?
Lifetime Pricing is just like it sounds; your price stays the same for life. While other ISPs raise your Internet rate, lock you into confusing contracts, and speak with complicated jargon, Tachus provides customers with Lifetime Pricing. No more annual bill increases, hidden fees or fine print – the price you choose never changes ever. 

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