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Posted Mon, May 08, 2023
In the wake of COVID-19, more people than ever before want to work, learn, and access telehealth applications from home. Modern lifestyles require modern internet powered by a fiber network—and home buyers know it.
Posted Mon, Apr 24, 2023
No matter the type of game you play, be it an epic role-playing title, a city builder, a tactical battle simulator, or a global strategy game, a faster, more reliable Internet connection
Posted Thu, Aug 04, 2022
Tachus has been rated as an industry leader in telecommunications and Internet service! Every year, Tachus, along with other Internet providers and companies
Posted Fri, Jul 29, 2022
In this day and age, you can use your smartphone for just about anything. You can stream videos, communicate with your friends, families, or coworkers in countless different ways, monitor your home appliances
Posted Mon, Jul 11, 2022
When you’re setting up your network at home, it’s often a good idea to use wired connection for at least a couple of your most important devices.
Posted Mon, Jun 27, 2022
Want to watch your favorite baseball team this season, but don’t know how without cable TV? Not to worry! There are a few ways you can watch the Houston Astros live using a streaming service.
Posted Thu, Jun 09, 2022
Customers who receive Tachus Fiber Internet have access to unlimited data, meaning they can stream, game, videocall, and work from home to their heart’s content.