In My 'Relationahip' Era

By: LifeSpring Behavioral Health | Published 04/23/2024


Group counseling for Adolescent Girls at Lifespring Behavioral Health is available. 

Group sessions will be hosted by Kathryn Wainscott, MCMHC, LPC and Brandy Hussey, MA, LPC-A, Supervised by Christie Farris, MA, LPC, MPFT.

The topics for discussion include:

Emotional Regulation: Implementing coping strategies and mindfulness skills while identifying triggers to manage
intense emotions effectively.

Enhancing Communication Skills: Use role-playing exercises, group discussions, and active listening techniques to
improve assertiveness, empathy, and conflict resolution skills.

Challenging Avoidance and Anxious Attachment: Explore attachment styles, challenge negative beliefs about relationships, and
infiltrate vulnerability in a safe group setting.

Fostering a Positive Self-Image:Encourage self-reflection, self-compassion and activities that promote self-discovery and appreciation of individuals strengths and qualities.

Contact if interested in learning more.

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