Investing in Comfort: What to Expect When Buying a New HVAC System in 2024

By: The AC Guy | Published 05/07/2024


You've just sweated through another hot, humid summer and your old AC unit is on its last legs. As you're researching replacements, you're shocked by the prices you see. New HVAC systems seem way more expensive than just a few years ago! Before you stress over paying a small fortune for a new system, read this guide to learn what to expect in costs for an HVAC system and how to get the best value on a new air conditioner in 2024.

With the right information, you can make an informed purchase that keeps your home cool for years to come without breaking the bank. We'll cover the factors impacting AC prices this year, provide average cost ranges, and share tips to save. Arm yourself with knowledge so you can beat the heat at an affordable cost!

Average Cost of a New HVAC System in 2024
Getting a new AC unit is a big investment, but the good news is there are options at various price points. For a mid-sized, energy-efficient model with professional installation, expect to pay between $6,500 to $9,500.

The capacity, measured in tons, determines how much area the AC can cool. Most homes need between 2 to 5 tons. Go too small and your AC won’t keep up; too big and it won’t run efficiently. Your HVAC pro can determine the right size for your home.

Look for a SEER rating of at least 13 for lower energy bills. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the unit. While more efficient models cost more upfront, you’ll save money each month on utilities.

Installation accounts for about half the total cost. It includes removing your old unit, installing the new one, and connecting it to your ductwork. Permits and disposal fees are also included. Choose a reputable company for maximum efficiency and to qualify for available rebates.

With some smart shopping, you can replace your AC without spending too much. Focus on a unit suited to your needs and consider available incentives like tax credits. While prices may shift, the comfort and savings of an efficient new AC unit are well worth it.

Factors That Impact HVAC System Pricing
There are a few factors to consider while looking for an HVAC replacement. While you may not be able to change the size of your home or avoid professional installation, you can find models that fit well, run efficiently, and sell at lower prices. As we’ll mention, you can save money in the long run by discussing each factor with your HVAC professionals before making decisions.

The size of your AC unit directly impacts the price. A larger home needs a bigger, more powerful system to cool properly. But bigger isn’t always better—an oversized AC won’t remove humidity well and costs more to run. An HVAC pro will evaluate your home’s size and features to determine the right capacity for maximum comfort and efficiency.

A higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating means lower energy usage and savings on utility bills. In 2024, look for a SEER2 of at least 13 or higher, as recommended by Energy Star and local utilities like AEP. While more efficient models may cost more upfront, you’ll recoup costs over time through lower operating expenses.

Additional Components
An AC install requires more than just the condenser and air handler. Things like thermostats, permits, electrical upgrades, ductwork adjustments, and drainage pipes can significantly impact the total price. Discuss additional fees with your HVAC company ahead of installation to ensure the full cost aligns with your budget.

Matching Equipment
If replacing just your AC, it must properly pair with your existing furnace. Single-stage and two-stage AC units typically work with most furnaces, but a variable-speed AC may require upgrading your furnace as well for maximum performance. Discuss equipment compatibility with your HVAC pro to determine if any additional upgrades are needed before installation.

By considering these factors that impact HVAC pricing, you'll make a choice that keeps your home comfortable for years to come at an affordable price. Do your research, get multiple estimates, and choose an HVAC company you trust for an efficient system and professional installation.

How to Get the Best Deal on a New HVAC System
When buying a new AC unit, you want the best value for your money. Search for estimates and make sure you find good SEER ratings, warranties, and service. You’ll want to find an HVAC company with experience, skill, and necessary certifications and licenses.

Ask if they provide any incentives or rebates for choosing an energy-efficient model. Many utility companies and local governments offer rebates for installing an HVAC system with a high SEER rating. Some HVAC contractors also provide their own rebates or special offers for eco-friendly equipment.

Check if any tax credits or rebates are available for your new AC unit. Federal tax credits may be available for installing certain energy-efficient HVAC equipment. Some states also offer their own tax incentives for energy-efficient home improvements like a new central AC.

See if the company provides any warranty or maintenance plans. A good HVAC contractor will offer a warranty on parts and labor for your new AC unit. They may also provide optional maintenance plans to help keep your system running efficiently for years to come.

With some patience and research, you can get the best deal on a high-efficiency HVAC system to keep you comfortable for many summers to come.

Why Choose The AC Guy for a New HVAC System?
When it's time to replace your home's HVAC system, you want to choose a company you can trust to get the job done right. As HVAC installation and service specialists with over a decade of expertise, The AC Guy has the skills, experience, and commitment to keep your home comfortable for years to come.

Installation & Service Expertise
The AC Guy has been installing and servicing HVAC systems for over a decade. Our knowledgeable technicians are experts in providing energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions for homes. Whether you need a new AC unit installed or your current system serviced, The AC Guy has the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

Upfront Pricing
We provide free estimates for new AC installations so you know exactly what to expect cost-wise upfront. Our estimates account for factors like your home’s square footage, number of rooms, window sizes, and local climate to determine the properly sized, high-efficiency AC unit for your needs. With The AC Guy, there are no surprise fees or hidden costs.

High-Efficiency Equipment
The AC Guy only installs high-efficiency equipment that can lower your utility bills over the lifetime of the unit. The latest AC models we offer have SEER ratings of 15 or higher, which means lower energy usage and more savings for you. For the best comfort and maximum efficiency, trust The AC Guy for your AC replacement.

Customer Service
At The AC Guy, customer service is our top priority. Our technicians treat each customer with courtesy and respect. We stand behind our work with strong warranties and guarantees. If you ever have an issue with your system, we respond quickly to get your AC back up and running. For the best in professional service and support, call The AC Guy today!

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