HS Tennis: 13-6A Sends Multiple Reps to San Antonio for State Championships

By: Woodlands Online Sports | Published 05/15/2024


SAN ANTONIO, TX -- 13-6A will send multiple athletes to represent their respective tennis programs in the upcoming State Championships in San Antonio.

Of the nine schools that make up 13-6A, three will send players to compete in the various forms of tennis competition. Singles and mixed doubles all saw some level of representation from The Woodlands, College Park, and Grand Oaks. 

Boys Singles

Representing the College Park Cavaliers is Juno Pethe. On his way to claiming his spot in the State Quarterfinals, the two-time district singles champion took home a regional title. His singles matchup will take place on Thursday the 16th, with the eyes of family, friends, and Cavalier supporters carefully watching their stud representative.

Girls Singles

The Woodlands have multiple athletes traveling out to rep the Highlanders starting with Ahona Chowdhury for the girls singles. The talented sophomore is making her second straight state qualification, setting her up as one of the most promising prospects to take to the court. Her match will take place on the same day as Pethe’s, starting at 10 a.m.

Mixed Doubles

The potential for a mixed doubles championship to come directly through 13-6A fills the air with heightened suspense and speculation. The Woodlands and Grand Oaks have a shot at claiming the state title for mixed doubles, with the Highlanders represented by Eli Sam and Albany Pulido and the Grizzlies by Karli Gay and Ethan Lammayot. The dynamic duos have both blazed their paths to the state tournament, with regional titles for both. The only way for the district rivals to meet would be in the state championship, a potential that highlights the talent of 13-6A and hypes up the possibility.

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