First week of summer break done... ready to ship the kids off to summer camp yet?

By: Woodlands Online | Published 05/30/2024


Today marks the first completed week of summer break for Conroe ISD and the other school districts in The Woodlands area. Seven full days of dealing with the kiddos during hours where they're normally in class.

There's no shame in wanting to return to the semester-style status quo. What better way to get your quality alone time AND let the kiddos learn and grow and have fun than with a summer camp or two? Or three?

Fortunately, Woodlands Online has a comprehensive list of all the local sumemr camps. Our Summer Camp Guide is chock full of venues, schools, labs, classes, play areas, and more covering practically every topic designed to enlighten, educate, and entertain your children. 

Check it out at you'll thank us!

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