Woodlands Weather This Week – June 4 - 7, 2024 – Suddenly summer is standing beside me…

By: Woodlands Online | Published 06/04/2024


We’re still officially a couple of weeks away from the onset of summer, but don’t tell the thermometer and barometer that. The rest of this week is pretty much perfect summer weather if you’re a Woodlands area resident.

Our Tuesday morning humidity has dipped down as the pressure front reaches a workweek low, and the clouds are rapidly moving over the horizon to points elsewhere; all of these helping to bring us a sunny afternoon with a natural high of 93 but a heat index that could make it feel like an unimaginable 105 degrees. Some gusting winds out of the south will be the only thing outdoors that can make you feel cooler. As usual, we encourage you to wear sunscreen and proper clothes and stay hydrated should you venture from the office or home.

Overnight, the clouds will return in force and there’s the slightest chance of a sprinkle of rain or two, but certainly nothing to grab the sandbags over. Wednesday morning will start off with a low of 77 but gradually keep warming up until it hits the low 90s – again, with a ten-degree bump thanks to the humidity. At some point during the evening, the clouds will start to move away as the pressure rises.

This leads up to a rapidly warming and bright Thursday, where the mercury will zoom from the overnight low of 74 to an afternoon high og 96 (heat index, 103) under mostly sunny skies. As the clouds dissipate, the evening temperature will quickly cool, relatively speaking, until we settle down to a low of 73.

The rising pressure and ongoing humidity will make Friday our hottest day yet, with a high of 97 hitting us in the mid afternoon along with the same soul-wrenching heat index. While the occasional cloud will dot the sky, there won’t be much between you and the blasting rays of the sun, so prepare accordingly, especially with the lack of breezes today. 

As you prepare for another overnight low in the mid 70s and the weekend, you can look for this trend to continue for a bit, and probably maintaining all the way until the real summer hits on the 20th…

Stay tuned to Woodlands Online for our Weekend Weather report coming on Friday.

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