Happy Summer Solstice!

By: Woodlands Online | Published 06/20/2024


Welcome to the longest day of 2024, the summer solstice. Today, June 20, summer officially starts, ironically as the days henceforth will get shorter until the autumn equinox in later September.

Interestingly, the summer solstice traditionally isn't the hottest day of the year. That's because it takes sometimes weeks or months for oceans and land masses to heat up. The most recent record high temperature for the first day of summer in Texas was last year fell when the temperature hit 105 in San Antonio, beating the previous record high of 103, set in 1918 and tied in 2011. In contrast, our high today will be 'only' 91. In fact, we're not slated to see centennial weather for quite a while yet, although the humidity frequently has us breaking the 100-degree mark in 'feels-like' temperatures.

In light of the official onset of summer, Woodlands Online encourages you to wear sunscreen regularly, stay hydrated, use air conditioning when possible, and dress appropriately when outdoors.

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